In the bustling business landscape of Baton Rouge, creating an inviting and productive office space can positively impact your business. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping offers a comprehensive approach to transforming work environments. Our plant rental services offer unmatched benefits. Here are five compelling reasons to consider office plant rental services for your workspace.

1. Improved Air Quality

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating plants into your office is the enhancement of air quality. Plants are natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins and emitting oxygen, creating a healthier environment for you and your team. 


Research from the University of Florida highlights how plants improve indoor air quality, making a solid case for their inclusion in office spaces. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping ensures your office has the right plants to maximize this benefit through our office plant services. 

2. Enhanced Aesthetics

A visually appealing workspace can impress clients and boost employee morale. Our office plant rental services allow you to effortlessly beautify your office. 


With projects like the 30-foot-tall plant wall in the Highland Building lobby, we’ve demonstrated our ability to dramatically enhance office aesthetics and create inviting and professional spaces.

3. Stress Reduction

Studies have shown that the presence of greenery in the office can decrease stress and increase productivity. Our initiative with Superior Grill and iSeatz, where we designed vibrant plantscapes, created stress-reducing environments in both work and dining settings.


Incorporating plants into your office design can create a calm, serene workspace conducive to productivity and creativity.

4. Cost-Effective Flexibility

Office plant rental services offer the beauty and benefits of plants without upfront investment and ongoing maintenance concerns. Office plant rental services provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for businesses in transient stages or those looking to experiment with different aesthetics. 


Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping offers short-term and long-term rental options for varying business needs, such as seasonal changes or specific events.

5. Expert Maintenance

Maintaining plants can be challenging without the right expertise. Our rental services include professional maintenance, ensuring your plants always look their best without adding to your workload.


Our team handles everything from watering and fertilizing to disease and insect control. With guaranteed maintenance contracts, any plant that doesn’t thrive under our care is replaced at no additional cost, giving you peace of mind.

Notable Office Plant Services and Projects

Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping has transformed office environments across Baton Rouge. Our past work with the Highland Building and the Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation showcases our capability to handle projects of any scale and deliver spectacular results. With comprehensive services from design to installation and maintenance, we ensure your office space remains vibrant and healthy.

Choose Our Office Plant Services 

Choosing Billy Heroman’s for your office plant rental services means partnering with a team dedicated to enhancing your workspace. Our plant services are tailored to meet your needs, creating environments that inspire and invigorate.


Ready to transform your office space with the beauty and benefits of plants? Contact Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping today by calling 225-272-9051 or message us online to learn more about our office plant rental services.

In the business world of Baton Rouge, first impressions matter. The appearance of your office space can significantly impact the mood, productivity, and overall well-being of your team and clients. Baton Rouge plantscaping, offered by Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, can help transform your workspace into a thriving environment that reflects your business. Learn about three ways investing in Baton Rouge Plantscaping can benefit your business. 

1. Elevating Aesthetic Appeal

When considering office design, aesthetics play an important role. Baton Rouge plantscaping can breathe life into your workspace, providing a refreshing and visually appealing atmosphere. Mindfully placing lush greenery in common areas or reception spaces can create a welcoming environment, leaving a lasting positive impression on clients and employees alike.


Our approach at Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping is to seamlessly integrate greenery with your existing architecture, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal without overwhelming the space. Baton Rouge business owners can use our expertise to create a balance that complements their unique office design.

2. Hiding the Dated, Revealing the Fresh

If your office space is battling with outdated design elements, plantscaping can be the perfect solution. Strategically placed plants can draw attention away from less desirable features, redirecting focus toward the beauty of thriving greenery.


Our team excels at using Baton Rouge plantscaping to hide design flaws while highlighting the strengths of your office space. We understand the importance of a cohesive design that aligns with your company. Our plantscaping team can revitalize your space by utilizing trendy plant designs, making it feel new and updated without expensive renovations.


Additionally, this service enhances the visual appeal of your workspace and improves air quality. Plants act as natural cleaners, making your office environment healthier and more refreshing. If your office is in need of a refresher, both visually and environmentally, experience the impact plantscaping can provide.

3. Consider Our Baton Rouge Plantscaping Services

Baton Rouge business owners can trust us to bring their vision to life, utilizing our expertise in plantscaping to create a perfect workspace for our client’s needs. Our team seamlessly integrates plantscaping with your existing office design. The design of our client’s space is often a collaborative process to perfect their custom results. 


An example of our passion for bringing to life our clients’ vision is the @Highland Building in Baton Rouge. In this project, we created a 30-foot-tall plant wall as a central feature in the lobby. This living wall, with eight types of tropical foliage, stands as the largest in Baton Rouge, contributing to the building’s modern and stylish design.


Consider exploring our services to elevate your office space. Our skilled team can guide you through the process, offering personalized solutions that align with your brand and vision. Let our Baton Rouge plantscaping redefine your workspace, turning it into a place where creativity, collaboration, and success thrive.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: With decades of experience in Baton Rouge plantscaping, we bring unmatched expertise to every project.
  • Custom Solutions: Our approach meets your needs, ensuring a unique and impactful plantscaping solution.
  • Proven Results: Explore our past projects to witness the positive transformations we’ve achieved for businesses in Baton Rouge.
  • Maintenance Made Simple: Our team takes the hassle out of plant care. Our maintenance services ensure that your office remains a thriving oasis without burdening your team with extra tasks.

Embrace the Green Transformation

Baton Rouge plantscaping is an investment in the success and well-being of your business. By choosing Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, you’re opting for a partner dedicated to enhancing your office space and fostering a positive work environment.


Take the first step towards a greener, more vibrant workspace. Explore the possibilities of Baton Rouge plantscaping with us, and let nature be the catalyst for positive change in your business. If you have questions, please call us at 225-272-9051 or message us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

A common New Year’s resolution is to connect more with nature. Adding plants to your home or office is a great way to incorporate more greenery. However, ensuring your plants stay hydrated can be challenging at the start of a busy year. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping explores what a plant watering service cost and how they can help your plants flourish this year.

How Much Does a Plant Water Service Cost?

There are a variety of factors that influence the price of a plant watering service. These include the type and number of plants and the additional services provided by your plantscaper. With that in mind, a plant watering service can cost anywhere from $100-$700. However, you can always talk to plant specialists to pinpoint the exact price of the service for your unique needs. 

How Does It Work?

Billy Heroman’s plant watering service begins with an assessment of your plants and their environment. Our specialists use this information to create a personalized care plan to track your plant’s nourishment. After everything is in place, our technicians will perform regular maintenance visits. 

Why Is It Important?

All plants require unique levels of moisture to thrive. However, for new additions, finding this balance can be tricky. Foliage may need to acclimate when transplanted to a new environment. New plants may require a deep soaking schedule that should wean off over the next few seasons. Working with a plant technician takes the guesswork out of plant hydration, giving you more time to enjoy your greenery. 

Why Use Maintenance Services?

Ever dealt with wilting flowers despite following their care recommendations? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Each plant has distinct needs, so simply watering your greenery might not be enough. After comparing plant watering service costs, check that your plantscaper offers full maintenance services. Below is a list of plant care services provided by Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping.

  • Watering: Plants need water just like us!
  • Fertilizing: Pair a big sip of water with healthy soil and a steady stream of essential nutrients. 
  • Insect Control: Our licensed technicians protect plants with insecticide to keep them blooming.
  • Disease Control: Plants get sick too. Billy Heroman’s experts check for viruses, bacteria, and fungi that might damage plants.
  • Cleaning: Dust accumulation can prevent plants from getting proper sunlight. Our technicians keep your greens tidy and healthy!
  • Quality Control: Billy Heroman’s team conducts regular quality checks to ensure your plants are at their best!

With all our services combined, you can enjoy your plantscaping without the hassle of plant care. 

Make the Most of Your Greenery!

While staying hydrated is straightforward for humans, ensuring plants receive adequate water can be a more complex task. The costs associated with professional plant watering services are influenced by factors such as the specific plant type and its environment. Collaborating with a seasoned plantscaping company like Billy Heroman’s enables you to enhance the well-being of your greenery. Reach out to us today via phone at (225) 272-9051 or message us online!

When we look outside, we can see that plants are everywhere. You see them as you pass the neighborhood trees on your commute and in vines growing from your office’s fire escape. Though plants are plentiful, they require specific conditions in order to thrive. Furthermore, to keep plants green, they must receive consistent attention. Plant maintenance services in Hammond can help plants thrive.  Explore six plant maintenance services from the experts at Billy Heroman’s in Hammond to keep your plants at their best. 

1. Watering

Just like humans, plants need water to survive. However, as opposed to a plant, it’s a little easier to tell when a person is or isn’t thirsty. Furthermore, each plant has unique watering needs. 


Tending to a plant without understanding its needs can result in improper hydration, such as overwatering or underwatering. That’s why certified plant technicians use biological and environmental factors to ensure each plant gets the perfect amount of water. 

2. Fertilization

Just like water, each plant has a unique relationship to the soil it lives in. A healthy plant maintains a balance between nutrients in the air and the soil. Without proper training, this can often take considerable effort to balance. When looking for plant maintenance services in Hammond, ensure your provider tests your soil for adequate nourishment. 


3. Insect Control

Insects are naturally attracted to plants as they provide shelter and food. Unprotected plants can be vulnerable to uninvited pests. With this in mind, it’s essential to maintain proper insect control when bringing plants into your space. A licensed maintenance staff can protect your plants with insecticides to prevent or control any problems that may develop.


4. Disease Control

Plants get sick in ways similar to humans. Your greenery deals with its own variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can affect its well-being. 


Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell when your plant is under the weather. However, certified horticulturists know how to diagnose and treat plants so that they thrive long into the future. Additionally, they can skip the time-consuming process an inexperienced plant owner might struggle with trying to figure out problems and the proper treatment.


5. Cleaning

Though cleaning your plant may sound funny, it’s an essential part of keeping your greenery healthy. Dust can build up on your plants over time, blocking light absorption. Dust buildup is especially common for indoor plants, as they don’t benefit from environmental factors like wind or rain. Quality plant maintenance services in Hammond provide regular dusting and washing. That way, nothing can keep your plants from blooming!


6. Quality Control

Quality control is essential to keeping plants happy and healthy. When searching for plant maintenance services in Hammond, be sure to choose a plant caper with high standards for quality. The technicians at Billy Heroman’s specialize in maintaining and treating your plants in various conditions. Periodic visits from a quality plant maintenance team help plants thrive.


Billy Heroman’s Plant Maintenance Services in Hammond

With proper care, your plants can look beautiful year-round. Regular watering, cleaning, fertilization, and quality control are crucial to keeping your greens in bloom. To nourish your plants without affecting your schedule, we recommend choosing plant maintenance services in Hammond, like Billy Heroman’s.


Are you looking to elevate your plant maintenance? For well over fifty years, Billy Heroman’s has helped Louisiana plants grow strong and beautiful. Call 225-272-9051 or message us online today if you have any questions or inquiries. 

Integrating indoor landscaping into your office space can work wonders, turning your workspace into a health-enhancing and aesthetically pleasing haven. Beyond their pleasing appearance, these green companions play a pivotal role in enhancing the productivity and well-being of your employees.


At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we have the expertise to transform your office into a thriving work culture with enhanced productivity and tranquility. Curious about the benefits of interior landscaping for your office space? Let’s explore five key advantages that make indoor plantscaping a valuable addition to your workspace.

1. Absorbing Background Noise in a Busy Office

Interior landscaping can act as natural sound barriers, reducing background noise and creating a more peaceful working office space environment. This fosters better concentration among employees, lowers stress levels, and ultimately enhances productivity.

2. Improving Employee Health and Reducing Sick Days

Numerous studies have shown that interior plantscaping for an office space can offer various health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, anxiety, and hostility in the workplace. They also combat chronic fatigue and work-related depression. Incorporating soothing plants like many of the plants featured in our plant catalog can contribute to a healthier and happier workspace.

3. Enhance Productivity and Creativity

Plants in the workspace have been proven to increase productivity and creativity. Plant green hues positively influence mood, leading to a more motivated and productive team. 


Adding indoor plantscaping to your office space can stimulate creativity, inspire employees and foster a deeper connection with nature. Consider plants like the Peace Lily, Lavender, Spider Plant, and Eucalyptus, which enhance cognitive function and creativity.

4. Reduce the Cost of Energy Through Indoor landscaping for Your Office Space

Did you know interior landscaping can improve your office space humidity levels when breathing? This natural process helps lower temperatures, saving you energy costs. Opting for larger plants, such as indoor trees, can maximize this effect and reduce the need for excessive AC usage. While it might not be an all-out solution, it’s a step towards creating a more eco-friendly working environment.

5. Brand Image and Corporate Social Responsibility 

Incorporating interior landscaping in your office space is an investment that yields significant returns, including a positive impact on your brand image. Having plants in your office benefits your employees and leaves a lasting impression on clients visiting your space. It showcases your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility and strengthens your reputation.

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Office Space 

At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we offer a wide selection of low-maintenance plants that make an excellent addition to any workspace. With all the benefits that plants bring to the office, investing in indoor plantscaping is a decision that will enhance your office environment and contribute to a more productive and thriving workplace.


Let our team help you create an office space that is not only visually appealing but also promotes the well-being and productivity of your employees. Experience the positive transformation that indoor plantscaping can bring to your office today. Contact us at 225-272-9051 or send us a message online for personalized recommendations and start building your dream office space with plants!

New Orleans is a great city to incorporate lush and vibrant indoor  plants to your interior office. With our strategic placement and arrangement of plants within indoor spaces, we can transform your office. If you are interested in plantscaping for your business, here are five reasons why you should consider leasing office plants in New Orleans. 

1. Plants Improve Your Office Air Quality in New Orleans

New Orleans faces some challenges when it comes to their air quality. Factors such as the geographical location, industrial activities, and vehicular emissions have major influence on the city’s air quality. 


Office plants can help improve air quality by reducing pollutants in the air. The plants can easily absorb these toxins and release oxygen, creating a healthier and more productive workspace. Plants such as Peace Lily, Snake Plant, and Bamboo Palm are great options.

2. Reduces Stress

While the loud energy and noise are part of what makes New Orleans unique, the city’s exuberance can often lessen office workers’ concentration. The excitment can make it harder to complete one’s job. Office plants can help absorb the outside sounds and reduce noise levels in the office. This creates a quieter and stress free atmosphere, allowing employees to concentrate better. 

3. Event Planning 

New Orleans is well known for their vibrant and festive spirits. Residents love to plan memorable parties, so what better way to event plan with your office through Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping? You can work with one of our plantscaping experts who can assist in selecting the most appropriate plants for your office event. 


We offer event planning, weddings, themed events, seasonal events, and much more. You can share your vision with us about how you want to transform your space, and our team will do the rest! We can incorporate decorative centerpieces, green walls, hanging installations and entrance decor.  

4. Holiday Season 

Plantscaping during the holiday season can be another great way to enhance your office plants in New Orleans.  The New Orleans community loves to celebrate holidays, and Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping is the perfect place to fulfill your holiday office decoration. Our team is able to transform your office by providing full service design, fabrication, and installation in your office. 


Some perfect plants for the office around the holidays are festive touches like evergreen wreaths, garlands, poinsettias, and beautifully decorated christmas trees.  Our team can work with you to curate the way to enhance your atmosphere during the holiday season. From Mardi Gras to Easter, our plantscaping professionals can help you find the perfect office plants for your space during every season in New Orleans! 

5. Enhanced Office  Design

New Orleans is known for its unique style of expression and creativity. Inspiration from the city’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is perfect to incorporate the design of your office. Adding professional plantscaping can enhance the overall aesthetic of the workspace, making it more appealing to the clients and the workers. 

 Experience Beautiful Office Plants Today

Whether you are looking for a simple plant addition, or are looking to recreate your office space, we are here to assist you. Visit our location in New Orleans, and we will be happy to work together to help create the perfect aesthetic for your office. Contact us at 225-272-9051 or send us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to help you make your office space greener!

Believe it or not, plants can bring numerous benefits to your office environment. Not only do plants enhance an overall ambiance in the workspace, but they also stimulate a stress-free environment with a more relaxed atmosphere in the office. Offices with greenery make your workspace more visually appealing, thus creating a positive impact with not only your employees but your clients too! Here are five great plantscaping ideas to better complement your office space from the plantscaping experts of Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping.

1. Green Walls + Moss Walls = Living Art

Adding a living green wall to your workspace is a great way to enhance your aesthetic and add a positive impact on your employee’s well-being. Not only do green walls add a pop of natural art to your office, but they better help purify your air quality and can even help regulate the temperatures in your workspace

On the other hand, moss walls are also a great form of wall art because one can use moss for many different designs. The moss can be used to create company logos, designs, and even different slogans for your company’s needs. 

2. Botanical Corner or Relaxation Space 

Do you ever catch yourself needing to take a break from office work but don’t know where to go? A Botanical corner or relaxation space is the perfect place to go to if you need a place to relax. In fact, studies show that office plants reduce stress! By adding a variety of different plants from Billy Heromans Plantscaping, we are able to create your office’s own tranquil space where you are able to debrief during a long day of stressful work. 

3. Plant Screens or Room Dividers 

Installing large potted plants or plant partitions in your workspace can create natural screens or dividers in your office space. These visual appeals form a room of privacy in a more natural and tranquil setting. Plants such as bamboo palms and tall ferns are great examples of plants that create a barrier but still bring in that natural light and freshness you need for your office.

4. Potted Plants & Desk Plants

Being surrounded by a plain, dull workspace can be boring! A small potted plant is a perfect option for you if you are interested in adding a small touch of nature to your office desk. You can also use potted plants to fill bookcases and shelves. 

Try mixing and matching various shapes and sizes to create a unique color arrangement. Small potted plants such as a Peace Lily, Pothos, Bamboo plant, Snake Plant, and even a Chinese evergreen are perfect examples of low-maintenance and classy pot plants. Succulent plants are also a popular choice for individuals because of their low-maintenance, complex shapes, and trendy aesthetic. 

5. Hanging Plants 

Do you work in a cramped or small office where you don’t think you have room for plants? Consider hanging plants from your ceiling! This brings greenery and visual appeal from higher spaces without cluttering limited floor space. Ceiling plants such as a string of pearls, trailing ivory, or pothos are great examples of what our plantscaping company can design for you!

We Can Help Design Your Interior Space 

If you are searching for plantscaping ideas for your office space this summer, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can transform your space into the green space of your dreams. With our help, we can not only transform your office into a more inviting and appealing space but help with plant maintenance as well! Let us help you brighten your summer season. Contact us at 225-272–ROSE (9051) or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bringing plants into the office can significantly impact your employees’ productivity, engagement, and overall well-being. Not only do they add a touch of nature to work life, but they also purify the air, reduce stress, and increase concentration levels. With this in mind, plant owners must know how to help indoor plants thrive in this environment. Use this guide from Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping to understand office plants and find the right office plant service for your needs in Louisiana for 2023. 

Picking the Right Plant

If you’re looking to bring the beauty of nature indoors, adding some plants to your office space is the perfect solution. However, picking the right plant for the indoor environment of your office is incredibly important. Without the right environment for their species, plants can quickly wither and die regardless of how well their owner cares for them. 

Start by determining if your space provides high, medium, or low sunlight and finding plants for your light level. To help start off your research, here is a blog post with some of our low-light indoor plant recommendations

Additional factors to consider are watering frequency, temperature ranges, and their constitution to challenges. It’s essential to think about how easy it would be to care for the plant on an ongoing basis for your lifestyle. What determines an easy plant changes with the individual, but there is one for everyone. 

Creating the Perfect Environment

Once you’ve selected the perfect plants for your office, it’s important to create an environment where they can thrive. An excellent place to start is placing them in an area with the appropriate light for their species. There are many online resources if you are unsure of how to care for your plant. For example, Billy Heroman’s has a ‘Plant Inquiry’ submission for each plant in our catalog if you’d like to request more information on your next plant. 

Outside of researching the best care regime, there are a few additional steps to help plants thrive. Make sure they have adequate drainage when watering them to avoid water logging. You should also give them regular fertilization and monitor their growth over time. Since indoor office plants have no exposure to rain, owners should wipe the dust from the leaves as necessary to prevent photosynthesis blockage. 

If you notice any signs of distress, such as wilting leaves or discoloration, it might be time to reevaluate their care. Alternatively, switching out one type of plant for another better suited for the environment may be necessary. 

Finding the Right Experts for Your Office Plant Care Service Team

If you were born without a green thumb or don’t have time for plant maintenance in your day, don’t worry. With the help of Billy Heroman’s plant maintenance services, office plantscaping is achievable without you lifting a finger. One of our plant experts can determine the best fit for your space and handle the plant care. With so many benefits of office plants, it’s hard to think of reasons you shouldn’t invest in an office plant service this year. 

Want a Greener 2023? Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping Can Help!

Adding plants to your office can make a substantial positive difference in office life! There are many options available from Billy Heroman’s Plant Catalog, and we encourage you to find your perfect addition for 2023. With the help of this guide and an office plant service, your office plants in Louisiana will thrive in 2023.

From white birds of paradise with low light needs to beginner-friendly pothos plants—there is something perfect for every office in Louisiana! So why not start benefitting from office plants and services in 2023? Call 225-272-9051 (7673) or message us online today if you have any questions or inquiries. Let’s make 2023 greener together. 

Autumn is officially in full swing. It’s time for all the fall favorites we’ve come to love, such as corn mazes, cozy sweaters, and football season. With autumn celebrations on the horizon, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, your business should consider decorating for the festivities. It may be a surprise how decorating the workplace could benefit your business. Learn three ways holiday office landscaping can benefit your company with Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping

1. Holiday Office Landscaping Improves Morale

Placing colorful indoor landscaping around the office has been reported to help those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder as the days grow short and the summer plants go dormant until spring. Studies have shown that the presence of even one indoor plant can boost mental health, improve morale, and increase focus. 

Employers can go above and beyond while creating a positive work environment by adding a twist of seasonal flair for the holidays. Statistically, over 65% of Americans celebrated Halloween in 2021 and, according to a 2021 survey conducted by Statista, Thanksgiving has become the most popular holiday in America. So, taking the extra effort to show you care about their holiday celebrations is a great way of showing how thankful you are to your workers for all their hard work. It is the season of thanks, after all! 

2. Seasonal Decorations Can Help Create a More Personable Professional Persona for Your Customers and Clients

Most businesses make an effort to manicure their image for their customers. A first impression is very important, after all. However, decorating for the holidays can help your company stand out from the competition by adding warmth to your branding. As customers interact with your space, the familiar and welcoming sights of seasonal landscaping may brighten their day and help strengthen your professional relationship. 

3. We Do All the Work for You

Unfortunately, indoor plant care can be a big undertaking for those with a busy schedule. Pausing for daily plant care can ruin momentum or tighten an already overbooked agenda. For those born without a green thumb, merely putting aside time daily for plant maintenance may not be sufficient. The delicacy of many holiday plants requires experience beyond the common knowledge of plant care. It can be hard to justify investing in holiday landscaping if you must replace them frequently. 

Fortunately, holiday office landscaping doesn’t have to become a money pit for your company. Instead, professional landscaping companies like Billy Heroman’s can help you decorate your space to reflect your business culture. Our team uses their extensive experience in curating the perfect plantscaping to meet your needs. 

The best part? We take the responsibility of plant maintenance off your shoulders. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of holiday decorating without effort or stress. 

Ready to Add the Warm Tones of Fall to Your Holiday Office Landscaping?

The benefits of decorating your business for fall are just within reach. Billy Heroman’s has serviced Louisiana with the highest quality plant care since the company’s founding in 1955. This experience has helped us learn the best ways to make your space pop. We invite you to explore our gallery if you want to see some examples of our holiday decorating. For any questions, call 225-272-9051 (7673) or send us a message online. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with our autumn holiday office landscaping. 

Everyone wants to have a workplace that looks appealing, and incorporating office plants can help achieve this. You might be wondering why it is important to have plants in your office. Sure, they look nice. But they do more than just make your workspace look attractive. If you are looking to brighten up your office, let Billy Heroman’s get the job done for you with our helpful office plant service!

1. Plants Increase Productivity

Believe it or not, plants can actually increase your productivity while working. Employee productivity rates can increase by as much as 15% when their environment is filled with houseplants. Being surrounded by plants has been linked to improved memory retention and higher scores on basic tests, according to researcher Chris Knight. Choose expertly arranged interior plant design from our talented team to introduce mood-boosting, toxin-reducing, and productivity-enhancing benefits to your workspace.

2. Reducing Stress in the Workplace

A study was conducted in 2010 by the University of Technology, Sydney. Researchers found significant stress reduction when plants were in workers’ environments. In addition, it was also reported that there was a 37% fall in anxiety and a 58% drop in depression. Even the addition of just one plant in a workspace can lift the spirits of staff and give them a positive feeling while working. Color psychology also argues that the color green has a relaxing and calming effect on employees.

3. Make the Workplace More Attractive to Job Applicants

Psychology professor Sir Cary Cooper said that a third of people say that a workplace design affects their decision to join a company. If job applicants see an inviting and stimulating environment, they are more inclined to apply for a position. It is human nature for people to want to work in a space that feels comfortable to them. Let the team at Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping help you find the right office plant service to draw in prospective employees!

4. Plants Reduce Noise Levels

Plants are similar to insulation in the sense that they help absorb sound, except this is a more environmentally friendly way to reduce noise levels in an office. It is as simple as positioning large plants in the edges and corners of a room. A small change like this can have significant results in an office. As time goes on, these quiet spots in an office create a space for employees to use if they want a serene place to work or take a phone call. Consider creating an atrium as a relaxing oasis for employees and clientele!

5. Boosts Creativity

In 2015, Human Spaces reported that in offices that included natural elements, the employees scored 15% higher for creativity. It is easier for employees to feel inspired in a visually stimulating environment. The attention restoration theory says that when you look at nature, it can cause the brain to shift into a different processing mode. And while you focus on your creative thinking, let us handle your plant maintenance with our office watering plant service. We’ll make sure your office plants are happy and hydrated.

How to Setup an Office Plant Service

If you’re ready to set up an office plant service, then it’s time to call us! We want to help you create an appealing and productive workplace. As the largest florist in Louisiana, we are proud to serve in any way possible. We are a family-owned company and want to provide exquisite quality in our floral arrangements and plantscaping services

We care about our customers and want to make each and everyone feel special. Give us a call today at 225-272-9051 (7673) to learn more about options for your office space! You can also fill out a form to place an order if you already know what you want. Let us give you the beautiful workspace you deserve.