Every Christmas, New Orleans transforms into a wonderland of shimmering lights and floral displays. Some classic stops include City Park’s enchanting light festival and driving by the twinkling lights of Garden District homes. With New Orleans’ many festivities, it can often feel overwhelming for business owners to keep up. Here are five ideas for hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans to help you spread cheer this Christmas.

1) Deck the Dinner Table

No matter the time of the year, great food is a staple of New Orleans. However, food is only part of the experience. That’s why decorating your dining space is essential for standing out in the city of celebration. 

Floral centerpieces are an elegant way of decorating your dining space without sacrificing class. If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas aesthetic, try using plants like poinsettias. Or, for a minimal approach, incorporate paperwhite narcissus to give a snowy look.

2) Freshen Up The Classic Garland Look With Vines

If you’re organizing hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans, odds are you’ve considered using garland. However, if traditional garland doesn’t capture your hotel’s style, try mixing it up with plants like Pothos or English Ivy!

These trailing vines are a refreshing way to bring rich greens to your interior without using conventional garland. These plants are often used in our green walls due to their versatility and color. Shake up the holiday this year and try some vines!

3) Bring The North Pole to New Orleans

Everyone remembers the childhood wonder of exploring a new place, especially a hotel. Turn your hotel halls into a Christmas forest trail by incorporating small pine trees. With dwarf evergreens and tall planters, you can give guests a magical interior they’ll never forget. 

Want to double down on your activities? Our team can decorate the trees with personalized ornaments. Spread some magic this year and bring the North Pole to your hotel!

4) Timeless Hotel Christmas Decor

Poinsettias are a Christmas classic for hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ve lost their impact. Poinsettias are a simple way to give guests the romance of Christmas.

 Like a festive red carpet, the sprawling red foliage invites guests in while displaying the hotel’s distinction. Opting for the Christmas staple can set your hotel apart with a timeless and elegant appeal. Whether for a hotel lobby or lining your halls, you can’t go wrong with poinsettias for hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans.

5) Enjoy Your View

Balcony spaces often act as a place of refuge for guests looking to catch their breath and glimpse of the city. However, they can also be wonderful places to show your hotel’s style to guests and onlookers through Christmas decorations. 

A well-decorated balcony lets guests take in the New Orleans magic without needing to leave their hotel. Use garland to give a classic touch or string lights to sparkle through the night. No matter the style, an elegant balcony creates a private oasis from the hustle of the city. 

Ready To Spread Cheer This Year?

Whether you are looking for simple holiday accents or a sweeping plant display, we are here to assist you. For Christmas hotel decor in New Orleans, look no further than Billy Heroman’s Plants. You can even consult with a professional at our New Orleans location to find the perfect look for your holiday. Contact us at 225-272-9051, send us a message online, or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to help you make your season’s greetings even greener!

Christmas decorating is a wonderful way for a business to give back to its employees. It can also show clients both the values and style of a workplace. However, with all the options available, it can be difficult to decide on how to represent your business this season. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping wants to help you get your office ready to spread some cheer this season.

1. The White Christmas

Do you want your place of work to have a clean yet calming look this Christmas? Then consider using the color white when Christmas decorating for your business. By incorporating a plant like the Paperwhite Narcissus, you can bring the aesthetic of a winter wonderland through festive blooms of white flowers. 

2. Deck the Halls With Garland

Garland is an excellent way to subtly give your business a taste of Christmas without taking up too much space. Garland can be a versatile way of adding Christmas cheer to the workplace without sacrificing valuable office space. You can string it anywhere you like, whether inside your meeting room or outside the entrance of your business. Not to mention, there are practically endless opportunities to spice up your Garland like using ribbons, ornaments, or cranberries. The plantscaping experts of Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can use their Christmas decorating expertise to craft a festive garland that reflects your unique business. 

3. A Royal Christmas

Do you want to create an atmosphere of elegance this Christmas? Try incorporating a bit of gold in Christmas decorating your business. Try incorporating simple gold accents like ribbons or ornaments into the decor. At the same time, elegant Christmas plants such as Poinsettias can help create a timeless and regal atmosphere. With touches like these, any office can look like a royal palace this season.

4. Nontraditional Christmas Plants

Rosemary and Amaryllis are classics when it comes to holiday plants. However, who says that non-holiday plants can’t be festive too? Add lights, ornaments, and ribbons to turn your interior plants into a natural Christmas wonderland.

5. Give the Gift of Décor

A great way to improve employee morale and Christmas decorating for your business is by gifting personal plant arrangements. Bring some cheer into the office by giving your employees floral gift baskets for their desks. Using arrangements featuring winter flowers and seasonal accents like pinecones is sure to brighten the workplace this season.

6. The Minimal Approach

Interested in Christmas decorating for your office but don’t want to give up your sleek style? Incorporating unconventional holiday plants may be the option for you. Plants such as Bromeliads or Orchids can add holiday spirit to your office while keeping your décor tasteful.

7. The Classic Christmas Tree

Nothing brings people together more during the holiday season than a Christmas tree. 

Christmas trees are a great way to tie any workspace business or holiday party together. Christmas trees also provide lots of room for customizing since you can use a variety of colors, decorations, and ornamentation.

Interested in Christmas Decorating for Your Business? Give Us a Call Today

At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we understand how important holiday decorating is for businesses. If you are interested in our services, please give us a call at 225-272-9051 or message us online to learn more about our holiday decorating options and see how we can transform your business just in time for the holiday season. Our team would be honored to help you make this season merry and bright!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the holiday season comes around again, we look forward to seasonal celebrations. Traditions like Christmas carols, hot chocolate, and decorating for the season with Christmas landscaping are all highlights of the season. But, with a busy schedule, this may fall to the bottom of your to-do list. Experts like Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can help brighten the season by taking some of this weight off your shoulders. Here are three reasons you should hire professionals for your Christmas landscaping

1. It Helps You Honor Generations of Tradition

For many, Christmas is about coming together as a community to create memories of joy for all. Decorations have helped communities foster festive cheer for centuries. In fact, did you know an estimated 35 million poinsettias are sold every holiday season? This tropical plant is a holiday staple originating from Mexican culture. Today, it is recorded as one of the most popular holiday plants. Just remember to avoid leaving your poinsettia exposed to the winter cold. It is a tropical plant, after all. 

Many holiday decorations can be traced through history. Generations of people have made memories decorating Christmas trees around the world! From mistletoe to holly, Christmas landscaping is an excellent way of honoring all who came before us. 

Companies like Billy Heroman’s can help you enjoy these traditions with a balance of history and modern flare. The best part? All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the Christmas landscaping. We can do the rest

2. Holiday Decorations Can Bring a Smile to Your Community

The sight of beautiful Christmas landscaping can brighten the drab winter months. With the proven negative impact of seasonal depression, our environment can significantly impact our daily happiness. Seeing your holiday landscaping could be one of the little things that brighten the day of those around you. 

Holiday plants are a great way to nurture the festive cheer that makes the season popular. Billy Heroman’s team knows how to make your space joyful from the inside to the outside. So let us decorate the perfect space for making festive memories this holiday season. 

3. Christmas Landscaping Brightens the Workplace!

Aside from residential landscaping, decorating places of business can show how much you care about your employees and clients! It can be an excellent way to thank your employees for their hard work all year. At the same time, it can make a great impression on your customers and clients. 

Plus, with the help of plant services from Billy Heroman’s, you and your employees can enjoy the decorations without worrying about plant care or design. Our gallery of holiday landscaping is filled with beautiful festive designs. We can take all the responsibility of caring for these plants off your shoulders. You and your company deserve it after a year of hard work.

Deck the Halls With Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping

For many decades, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping has proudly served the communities of Louisiana with the services they deserve. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers to deliver the best plant care possible. From holidays to routine plant services, our team’s experience and passion are something you can rely on. We would be honored to help you with your Christmas landscaping. You can contact us at 225-272-9051 (7673) or send us a message online. We hope to hear from you soon. 

As colder winter temperatures approach and the Christmas season begins, it’s time to get your decorations in order. This includes your holiday plants for your office, too! But if you’re searching for Christmas office plants to spread some holiday cheer this season, you need the right supplier to help. At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we can help you pick the perfect pops of color, texture, and holiday cheer for your business. Take a look at seven seasonal plants that may be just what you need.

1. Paperwhite Narcissus

This white bloom is similar in shape to a daffodil. A base of blooms expands like a bell around a small trumpet-shaped center. These bulbs can be forced to blossom early, making them a great addition to your holiday plant selection. A wash of paperwhite narcissus can look like a blanket of snow and gives off a light, pleasant scent. If you are looking for delicate Christmas office plants, this bloom is a fantastic option.

2. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a flowering succulent that comes in a variety of vibrant colors. These petite clusters of blossoms are reminiscent of bouquets of roses. From pinks and oranges to reds and whites, these blooms add pops of color to your office space. White and red are especially festive for the Christmas season, especially with the plant’s shiny green leaves that tie in the third staple color of the holiday season.

3. Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a classic choice for Christmas office plants. With deep emerald leaves and vivid red flowers, these plants are naturally a perfect decor piece for the holiday. And while red is the traditional color of the plant, poinsettias can also come in other color varieties including apricot, white, and cream if you’re interested in mixing up your color palette. Just remember—poinsettias are mildly toxic, meaning they can hurt animals if ingested. So if you have an office cat or dog, make sure these plants are out of reach from your furry friends.

4. Rosemary Trees

A simple way to add Christmas cheer around your office is with potted rosemary plants. Around the holidays, you can find this herb planted and shaped like a miniature Christmas tree! Put the pot in a white wicker basket, red or green foil, or even a sackcloth base to act as a tree skirt. Then, decorate with miniature ornaments for an added festive touch. Not only will this give you the look of a Christmas tree on each of your office desks, but you can also enjoy the scent of rosemary throughout the day.

5. Amaryllis

Amaryllis are tropical bulbs that are often planted to bloom in the winter. The blossoms are trumpet-shaped and thrive in warm, humid climates—which works especially well for Louisiana weather. Amaryllis, like the other blooming plants listed above, come in many colors. Choose beautiful white and red blooms to add the perfect seasonal colors to your office space! These are also available in pink and even a red and white striped pattern.

6. Cyclamen

Cyclamens have fluttering blossoms reminiscent of butterfly wings. These flowers extend above fluffy beds of green leaves. Cyclamens are available in both red and white blooms that can bring candy cane colors into your office. If you are looking to add to your Christmas decor, these winter-blooming office plants can thrive in cooler temperatures. Just place these plants in a brightly lit area!

7. Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are the classic choice for seasonal office plants. Choose the perfect size for your space, whether you need a smaller tree for office spaces or a large-scale tree for your company lobby. A brightly lit and festively decorated tree is sure to warm the spirits of visitors and employees as they enter your business. And, the scent of pine or evergreen only adds to your office ambiance.

Get Your Christmas Holiday Office Plants In Time For the Season

Are you ready to get your office prepped for the Christmas season? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our holiday services and our available Christmas office plants! We’ll help you find the right selections to bring seasonal cheer to your business. Give us a call at 225-272-9051, or send a message to our design team. We look forward to making your holiday season—and your office—merry and bright!

One of the things that makes the holidays special is the decorating that comes along with them. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, you might be considering how you’re going to decorate your office. Indoor plants can bring holiday cheer to your office—but choosing the right plants for your space and keeping them healthy all season long can be daunting. Trimming a tree, for example, may be too time-consuming. And hanging decorations can be distracting for employees and customers alike. Why not let us handle the hard part? Billy Heroman’s Plant Services can help you make your Louisiana office merry and bright with our selection of holiday office plants. Find out what plants work best for you and your business.

1. Poinsettias

You can’t have a list of holiday office plants without including the star of the show. Poinsettias have a long-standing tradition of being the go-to Christmas plant, and for good reason. Their large, brightly colored leaves can make any office space seem more festive. Did you know that Poinsettias are not native to the United States? They were brought over in 1828 by Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett. Does that name sound familiar? You guessed it! This beloved Christmas plant was named after the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico who sent a clipping to his home in North Carolina.

2. Amaryllis

Next on our list is amaryllis. This is a winter-blooming plant that grows from bulbs. Its bright red blooms make it a popular choice for holiday home or office plants. Because Amaryllis grows from a bulb and blooms about six weeks after planting, now is the best time to start! Planting Amaryllis flowers in October will ensure beautiful red blooms in time for your office holiday party.

3. Thanksgiving and Christmas Cacti

For fans of succulents, these two are for you. These “holiday” cactus species make an excellent addition to any office space. Blooming from late fall all the way into winter, the Christmas cactus’ brightly colored flowers and scalloped stems make it a holiday favorite. Similarly, the Thanksgiving cactus touts deep scarlet flowers and blooms earlier in the season. If you are looking for festive holiday office plants that can withstand hot and cold Louisiana temperatures, give these cacti a try!

4. Holly

We know what you’re thinking. Holly trees can grow to be 50 feet tall, so how on earth could this be an office plant? While having a full-blown holly tree in the office may not be an option, wreaths and small shrubs certainly are. And here is a fun fact about this holiday office plant. Did you know that only female holly varieties will produce the brightly colored berries we know and love? While some varieties struggle to produce berries due to weather, age, or overpruning, the most common reason is that female and male holly plants were not planted near each other. So if you have a holly plant that doesn’t produce these red berries, your plant is likely a male!

5. Christmas Rose

This plant’s name is a bit deceiving. The Christmas Rose is not a rose at all but a member of the buttercup family. Named after its appearance in the snow-covered mountains, Christmas Roses look like wild roses with white petals edged in pink. These roses produce flowers throughout the fall and into the early spring months. If you are considering this flower during the holiday season as an office plant, know that it is not an indoor plant. Instead, it should be planted outdoors in a partially shady area.

Make Your Louisiana Office Merry and Bright With Holiday Office Plants

As the holiday season approaches, are you ready to brighten up your Louisiana office with festive indoor plants? Look no further. Billy Heroman’s Plants wants to help! We offer indoor and outdoor plant design services that are perfect for any office. Our team of designers and horticulturists is here to help craft the ideal office space for the holidays. Call 225-272-9051 or contact us online for a quote today.

Whether you plan to be home for the holidays or want to add a little extra cheer to your corporate space, Billy Heroman’s brings you the best options for holiday plantscaping and so much more. We have the expertise and experience to transform your home or business into a cozy, inviting winter wonderland. Here are some of the exciting plantscaping and decorating services we can provide for your home or corporate facility this holiday season.

Corporate Holiday Décor and Installations Keep Things Festive

Bring the spirit of the holidays to your corporate facility. We offer a large selection of festive themes and color schemes incorporated into our holiday plantscaping and specialty décor options. And we serve facilities small and large, from offices to malls, hospitals, and outdoor shopping centers. So, whatever you need, we’re ready to help. Let our experts transform your space into something magical. 

And we’re happy to provide purchase and leasing décor options depending on your preferences. Part of the appeal of leasing includes not having to worry about storage between the seasons. It can also help to enhance décor you may already own. And not worrying about replacing old or damaged pieces can let you rest easier and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Residential Holiday Décor and Installation That Amplifies Your Home’s Beauty

Let our experts bring extra cheer to your home. Choose from showrooms packed with elegant decoration selections that will brighten any living space. If you already have décor that you love, we have options to make it stand out even more. Or, if you want an entirely new theme, we’re ready to help you create the perfect holiday look. We can provide everything from high-quality artificial wreaths and garlands to live cedar and fir options. Let us help you make your holiday memories even merrier.

Holiday Plants Yule Love

The right plants can add the perfect holiday touch to any environment. And Billy Heroman’s offers an incredible selection of holiday plants to get everyone in the spirit of things. It’s hard to beat the iconic seasonal look of our red poinsettias. And our amaryllis, Norfolk Island Pine, Christmas Cactus, bromeliads, and orchids all make gorgeous additions as well. In addition, another great perk is that when we maintain your indoor landscape, our trained horticulturists also tend to your holiday plants at no extra charge. So you can delight in these beautiful plants while we keep them looking spectacular.

Holiday Plantscaping and Décor Starts With Billy Heroman’s

If you’re looking for the best selection and service for your holiday plantscaping and decorating, Billy Heroman’s has what you need. Our design and installation teams can also provide holiday lighting options to make your space shine brighter. And our Corporate Gift delivery service is an excellent way to show clients and friends how much you care. Call us for a quote at 225-272-9051. Or contact us online to learn more about our holiday plants and services. When you want your space to look beautiful for the holidays, you want Billy Heroman’s!