Introducing blooming plants and greenery to your business space cultivates a welcoming environment for both your employees and your visitors. This does more than serve an aesthetic purpose, though you cannot deny the impact of beautiful plantscaping. Your choices also promote sustainability in your community. Spread local pride by incorporating your state flowers, or choose native plants that support wildlife and bees. Not only will you make your space more lush and beautiful, but you will also be positively affecting the environment.

With the help of Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, you can design a beautiful exterior space that will leave a lasting impression with outdoor landscaping. We service businesses, hotels, malls, and more with eye-catching, living designs. Get started with us today by calling 225-272-9051!

How Can You Customize Your Outdoor Space?

At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we offer a variety of ways to elevate your outdoor space. Work with our landscapers to discover the perfect elements for your business. We can help you bring a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere to your guests and customers. Here are the ways that you can incorporate outdoor landscaping into your space!

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Containerized Plantings

A perfectly placed planter with flowers and foliage can liven up your outdoor space. Work with our designers to customize your area with one of our beautiful containers and your own unique plant selection. Use these in a courtyard, by a pool, or strategically spaced on an outdoor sidewalk to bring color and happiness to your public area.

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Pool Decks and Rooftops

What is the atmosphere that you want to craft for your pool deck or rooftop space? Is it modern and exclusive, or is it warm and relaxing? With our outdoor landscaping services, you can use plants, container gardens, and living walls to achieve the perfect look and feel for your poolside oasis.

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Outdoor Living Walls

A living wall makes a bold statement for all who enter. They naturally filter carbon dioxide and harmful airborne compounds. In addition, green walls can act as interior or exterior insulators to regulate temperature and energy consumption. Form your logo with greenery or blooming flowers, or showcase a multi-colored and textured wall with ivy and tropical plants.

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A courtyard is the perfect wedding venue, meeting space, or restful escape. Add texture, visual interest, privacy, and more with outdoor landscaping. Bring in natural elements with trees, decorative planters, and blooming plants. Our design and maintenance teams can help you choose the best options for your space.

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Blooming Bed Design

Line your sidewalks with flower beds. Frame a sitting area or outdoor patio with raised decks and blooming gardens. This addition of rich greenery and vibrant flowering plants immediately elevates the look and feel of your outdoor area! Our specialists can help you to choose the best options for your space depending on their sun exposure and drainage conditions.

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