The Billy Heroman’s team specializes in creating green spaces that will invite and inspire enjoyable, outdoor experiences.  

From large rooftop or pool deck projects, to the inclusion of simple containerized plantings at the entrance of your property, outdoor landscaping is sure to transform your space.

In a world where we spend too much time inside and people are longing to get outdoors and connect with nature, the right outdoor landscaping makes the difference in the look, feel and usability of your space.  Outdoor landscaping from Billy Heroman’s can bring the beauty of nature to your space, creating a peaceful setting for relaxation, a beautiful scene for joyful gatherings, or a lush landscape to attract and keep customers and guests happy.

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Containerized Plantings

Our design team creates container gardens filled with unique plant selections and overflowing with seasonal color.

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Pool Decks and Rooftops

The Billy Heroman’s team can turn your pool deck or rooftop into the oasis of your dreams.

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Outdoor Living Walls

A great way to bring natural beauty to your outdoor space or building façade is with the addition of an exterior vertical garden or green wall.  A rising trend in the horticulture industry, green walls are a stunning visual statement; they are beautiful.

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A courtyard is the perfect place to bring the serenity of nature into your facility.  Our design and maintenance teams will create and maintain a lush and colorful environment sure to be everyone’s favorite place to get away.

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Blooming Bed Design

Our horticulturists and designers are experts at creating annual flower bed plantings that add incredible eye appeal to your grounds. Vibrant flowers and colorful foliage plants add aesthetics that will please customers, tenants, and employees alike.

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