A rising trend in the horticulture industry, green walls are a stunningly beautiful visual statement.

Create a powerful first impression on residents, clients, or employees as soon as they arrive with a visually striking outdoor live plant wall. Walls of sweeping, lush greenery in various shades of color welcome your guests as they approach. If you want to make a lasting impression with outdoor living walls, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can help you design the perfect addition to your building’s exterior.

Bold Walls to Welcome Your Guests

Custom living walls are tailor-made to complement your business, apartment, or home.  Our expert plant designers will create the perfect living elements to wow all who walk by. From a full-size wall installation to smaller, expertly placed focal points, outdoor living walls are designed to fit your vision and personal taste. Choose from different hues of green, or add pops of color with blooming tropical plants. Varied textures and colors add visual interest. Bold outdoor living plant walls make the perfect photo background or accent to an otherwise plain exterior wall. Succulents, vividly colored foliage, and even colors that fit your brand or the holiday season can be incorporated into the design.

Outdoor living walls, or vertical gardens, make more than just a visual statement. By incorporating natural elements into your home or business, you will not only welcome guests but benefit the environment as well. Ivy and flowering plants support bees and other pollinators. Exterior plant walls attract birds and other local wildlife. These walls can also enhance mental and physical health by dampening sound, absorbing toxins from the air, and blocking heat.  Outdoor living walls are beautiful to behold and give back to your community and ecosystem.

Make a Statement With Outdoor Living Walls

If you are ready to add a green space to your balcony, entryway, courtyard, or any other exterior feature, let the plantscaping specialists at Billy Heroman’s bring your vision to life! Camouflage an expanse of plain wall, build your company logo out of plants, or emphasize the height and grandiosity of a building with living walls as small or large as you need. Get started today by giving us a call at 225-272-9051, or send us a message. We will work with you to determine your perfect exterior plant wall and work up a free quote. We’ll elevate your exterior spaces with your own custom outdoor living walls!

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