You’ve taken the time to cultivate a lush interior or exterior for your business. Now, how do you maintain the health and vibrancy of your plants against the elements? Your plants can shrivel under the hot Louisiana sun or be forgotten inside your facility. It is also possible to “overlove” them with too much water. Simplify the process with Billy Heroman’s Plant Watering Service!

Make Plant Maintenance Easy With Our Plant Watering Service

We take the guesswork out of keeping your plants happy and healthy. With a simple visit, our technicians will inspect the quality of your plants and their surrounding conditions. A simple assessment will help them to know what environmental factors are affecting your flowers and greenery. Then they will be able to project the amount of water your plant needs to quench its thirst accordingly without over- or underwatering, keeping your foliage looking beautiful at all times.

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Billy Heroman’s Stays On Top of Your Plant Care

Our plant maintenance doesn’t stop at keeping your plants perfectly hydrated. Regular plant care and maintenance protects your investment and keeps your plants beautiful and vibrant. Other services you can find with Billy Heroman’s expert plant care include:


Our technicians can project the amount of water a plant needs based on environmental factors and water accordingly.


The soil is your plant’s foundation and where it gains its nutrients. We test the quality of your plants’ soil and provide it with the necessary fertilizer to keep them strong and well-nourished.

Insect Control

The last thing you want is harmful pests destroying your beautiful flowers and foliage. Our licensed maintenance staff will protect your plants with insecticides to prevent or control any problems that may develop.

Disease Control

Plants can get sick just like we do. Our horticulturists will check for signs of fungus, bacteria, or viruses. We’ll help to prevent plant diseases to extend the lifespan of your greenery!


Believe it or not, cleaning your plants is an essential part of maintaining their health! Your plants can accumulate dust that blocks light absorption. We set up a dusting and washing schedule to keep your plants safe from pests and disease.

Quality Control

Our plant techs and quality control supervisors pay periodic visits to your location to check on your plants. We’ll make sure they’re staying healthy and looking their best.

Set Up Plant Maintenance Today

Let us help you keep your plants healthy, indoors and outdoors! From cleaning to watering, we make sure that your plants have the longest life and maintain their maximum health. You can trust our service with our guaranteed maintenance contract. If your plant does not remain healthy, happy, and beautiful, we will replace it at no additional cost. Contact us today to curate and maintain your perfect plantscape.

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