With our guaranteed maintenance contracts, we guarantee to replace at no additional cost any plant that does not remain in a healthy, attractive condition.

This assures a top quality appearance for your facility at all times.



Our technicians can project the amount of water a plant needs based on environmental factors and water accordingly.


We fertilize plants at a level to keep them green and healthy. If necessary, we conduct soil tests to determine the nutrient needs of larger plantings.

Insect Control

We use a combination of sprays, natural controls, and systemic insecticides added to the soil to control insects if a problem develops. In larger plantings we use biological controls such as natural predators to control harmful insects.  Our maintenance staff is trained and licensed to use pesticides.

Disease Control

Plants are sometimes plagued by fungus, virus and bacteria problems. Our horticulturists are trained to recognize these plant diseases, prevent them from occurring, and treat them if necessary.


Part of our service includes cleaning your plants. We dust and wash plant leaves on a regular basis. Plants with clean leaves are healthier because they get the maximum light available and are less susceptible to insect and disease problems.

Quality Control

In addition to the technician who will be assigned to service your account, we have quality control supervisors who will visit your location periodically to check the general appearance and health of your plants.