The Right Plants for Your Monroe Business

Being in a big city, you know that competition in the business world can be fierce, which is why it’s so important to stand out to potential customers. But maybe the issue isn’t your service or product. Take a look at your surroundings. If the walls seem a little drab, there’s an easy solution to help your space feel more inviting and open. All you need is help from the professionals at Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping. 

We can provide high-quality flowers and plants that keep your space looking as lively as ever!

Get the Look You Want With the Right Plants

Every space is unique. So let’s truly make it yours! With the right plants, you could make your office space or store an inviting, bright location. This doesn’t have to have just one look either. 

With our indoor landscaping services, you could have just a simple plant in the corner of the office or go all-out with lavish moss walls or an atrium. Whatever you need to make your space stand out and feel lush!

On the other hand, we have an abundance of outdoor landscaping services. Customize your outdoor space and bring in potential customers with courtyards, living walls, and other similar services. Anything to make your space unique and fulfilling!

Caring for Plants Is a Full-Time Job

Don’t worry about plant care. Trust the professionals at Billy Heroman’s to handle it! We offer plant maintenance services to keep your plants looking beautiful. Of course, this isn’t just one service. If you choose our plant maintenance services, we can handle the following for your business:

  • Quality Control. Your plants shouldn’t just be “barely alive.” We want them to thrive! Trust us to keep them looking pristine.
  • Insect Control. Insects are a big concern to many Louisiana businesses. Don’t let that stop you from getting the plants you want. We can keep them in check. 
  • Disease Control. Did you know that plants can also get sick? Our specialists can keep an eye on your plants to ward off and treat any possible fungi, viruses, or bacteria.
  • Water. Not every plant is built the same. So, of course, not every plant needs the same amount of water as the next. Let us handle it and make sure your plants aren’t over- or under-watered.
  • Fertilizing. Some plants thrive under a fertilizer that would smother another. Let us find the right fertilizer and keep your plant going strong. 
  • Cleaning. Did you know that dust can make it harder for your plants to take in light? Let us handle cleaning your plants to make sure they stay healthy.

At Billy Heroman’s we want to make it so you can focus on your work, but still have all of these beautiful, healthy plants. See what we can do for your Monroe business at Billy Heroman’s.

Revamp Your Style With Billy’s 

Looking for the right plants and flowers for your Monroe business? Get the help you need from Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping! Begin the process and fill out our form today!