Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping gives you endless possibilities for bringing plants into your indoor or outdoor spaces.

With our indoor landscaping design services, you have the power to incorporate subtle foliage accents or dramatic, large-scale living walls. Our experts work with you to find the perfect solutions for your interior space. Ready to incorporate sweeping foliage, flowering plants, or modern living art pieces into your corporate or residential environment? Give us a call at 225-272-9051 to get in touch with our design specialists!

What Are Your Options for Indoor Landscaping?

What do you want out of your interior space? Do you want to make your board rooms more welcoming with blooming centerpieces, or do you want to bring nature into your home with potted foliage? Maybe you want to make a statement with a floor-to-ceiling moss wall or create a lush retreat for employees and clients with an expertly designed atrium. With Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, it’s all possible. Let us help you find the perfect options for your indoor landscaping!

Elevate Your Interior Space With Indoor Landscaping Design

Indoor landscaping is a simple yet effective way to bring life and happiness into your interior home or business. You may be looking for a dynamic design that wows your clients. You may want to incorporate expertly placed greenery around your office to boost productivity and morale. Perhaps you want to bring lush, colorful, living elements into your home. No matter your desire, Billy Heroman’s can help you accomplish your goals with indoor landscaping!

We collaborate with you to take your vision and make it a reality. Contact us today to consult with our designers and horticulturists. We will create work up a graphical representation to ensure that our ideas align with yours, and then we will form the interior space of your dreams—satisfaction guaranteed.

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Green Walls

Make a dynamic statement in your interior space with green walls. Your visitors won’t be able to miss this stunning, natural wall art. Choose your perfect size, ranging from a full wall to smaller-scale artwork, or form your logo out of foliage and colorful plants for living branding.

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Interior Plant Design

When it comes to your business, you want your employees and customers to be in a warm and inviting environment. But this can be difficult to manage if you’re only renting the space. Instead of relying on quick tricks or removable wallpaper, take advantage of our interior plant design services.

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Indoor Plantings

Bring nature into your work environment with indoor plantings. We carry many options for planters and containers as well as several varieties of greenery and flowering plants. The addition of foliage and color quickly elevates your atmosphere with lush, mood-boosting aesthetics.

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Color Arrangements and Seasonal Rotation

By utilizing exquisite blooming plants, we can add a punch of color and the sense of the season to your environment.  

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Moss Walls and Living Art

Beautifully sculpted moss walls are a simple but effective way to bring color and live elements into your space. Mixtures of texture and color create eye-catching wall art pieces for your home or business. Choose a variety of green mosses or a combination of moss, succulents, and other natural elements.

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Because of the great natural light that atriums let in and the large open spaces, atriums typically allow for the use of unique plant species, large specimen trees, and lush tropical beds.

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