The Billy Heroman’s team creates and maintains beautifully happy, healthy and productive environments.

Bring beauty into your business or home with the addition of indoor plants and ongoing maintenance service.  Our team of design consultants and horticulturists will work with you to create and sustain a landscape plan perfect for your space.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Research shows that the presence of plants has many benefits, including increased happiness, improved morale, enhanced productivity, and improved air quality – just to name a few.  Our team works with you to create a collaborative design that meets your desires and will transform your indoor space. We even create a graphical representation of the proposed plan so that you can know exactly what you are getting.

We will select the most suitable interior plants for your light conditions and site requirements. In addition to green plants, we often incorporate orchids, bromeliads and other blooming varieties to inject color.  Our proposals include images that illustrate how different plant options will look in your space.  Our designers are also available to upgrade your existing interior plant design or provide replica alternatives to live plants.

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Green Walls

Each wall we create is custom tailored to your space and your environment.  Walls can be built indoors or outdoors and can be the size of the side of your building or that of a piece of artwork.

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Indoor Plantings

From the smallest office to the largest facility, create healthier, more attractive and more productive work environments with indoor plants.  

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Color Arrangements and Seasonal Rotation

By utilizing exquisite blooming plants, we can add a punch of color and the sense of the season to your environment.  

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Moss Walls and Living Art

These distinctive canvases bring an office to life with their blend of creativity, uniqueness and the impact of nature.

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Because of the great natural light that atriums let in and the large open spaces, atriums typically allow for the use of unique plant species, large specimen trees, and lush tropical beds.

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