A Growing Trend in the Horticulture and Design Industries 

Moss walls are living art that not only stand out, but are also beneficial to your health.  These distinctive canvases bring a room  to life with their blend of creativity, uniqueness, and the impact of nature. Each wall is created from a combination of live elements, utilizing living mosses, succulents, tillandsia, and other live plants in addition to bark, tree branches, natural stone, and other elements.

Living art can take many forms, ranging from a feature of custom-designed moss walls to many smaller coordinating pieces or a planned blocked geometric design. Every indoor space can be enhanced by living art. Discover more and call our team to request a quote today.

Benefits of Having a Moss Wall

Just like any plant, a moss wall has benefits that affect you, employees, guests, or clients in a multitude of ways. Plants themselves have the power to increase air quality, brighten a room, and help increase productivity. Enhance how others see your business with the right style of moss wall.

Additionally, moss walls can be beneficial to the interior design of your building, particularly in rooms with limited floor space that are already full or a bit cluttered. Because these living plant designs are a part of the wall, they add the benefits of biophilia without further crowding the area. Moss walls make a space look tidier while also creating a chic, refined image for an interior space.

Moss Walls For All!

Add a creative and distinct look to your space with a moss wall. If you’re ready to make the change with help from Billy Heroman’s, give us a call at 225-272-9051. We’re more than happy to help you find the look you’re going for with a moss wall that’ll fit your personal tastes.

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