Eye-catching Blooming Beds 

Nothing catches the eye and excites the senses quite like the colorful sight and soothing smell of a beautiful blooming garden. Our horticulturists and designers are experts at creating annual flower bed plantings that add incredible eye appeal to your grounds. Vibrant flowers and colorful foliage plants create an aesthetic that pleases customers, tenants, and employees alike. It’s important your new blooming flower bed emphasizes your company’s brand.

Striking Colors to Brighten Your Business

Color and the vitality it brings plays a large role in the decisions customers make regarding your business. Flowers speak a language that is communicated through the color they bring to your facility.

For example, a common flower that may communicate your brand’s image is the rose. Many see roses as a romantic symbol, but each color of this blooming plant has a different meaning. White rose bushes are often associated with purity and cleanliness, while yellow rose bushes for businesses may express joy and welcome. Roses and other blooming plants for your office can be mixed to coordinate with brand colors, messaging, and culture.

Additionally, natural colors are found to have an effect on our subconscious. With the right color blooming flower beds for business facilities, visitors will be enticed, excited, and convinced to bring business your way.

Blooming flower beds are a great way to decorate your business due to their versatility. Plants can be changed to match the colors and traditions of the seasons and holidays. Summer months could feature rich, golden marigolds, for example. Louisiana businesses could cultivate a fun atmosphere with LSU-themed purple and yellow flowers during football season. The possibilities for revitalizing your business with flowering plants are endless.

Decorate Your Business With the Right Blooming Bed Design

Our team is ready to help you choose the perfect plants for your indoor or outdoor blooming flower beds based on season and light exposure. We will analyze soil and drainage conditions to ensure all of your business’s plants will flourish in their environment. Additionally, our installation teams replant the beds semi-annually to coordinate with the passing seasons, giving your facility effortless, year-round beauty. Call us today to discuss how Billy Heroman’s can create the perfect blooming plant bed design for you or your business.

Get a beautiful blooming bed with Billy Heroman's.