Courtyards Are Perfect to Bring the Serenity of Nature Into Your Facility 

Does your home or office building have an underdeveloped courtyard? Do you want to cultivate a space that is both beautiful and functional? Our courtyard plant design and maintenance teams create and maintain a lush and colorful environment that will become everyone’s favorite place to take a break, make a phone call or hold impromptu meetings. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping will make your courtyard a beautiful retreat from the busyness of your everyday life.

More Than a Singular Space

Courtyards may seem like singular spaces, but they can fulfill many different needs. For instance, some clients may prefer a more relaxed and casual environment in which to conduct business. A courtyard lush with colorful plants is the perfect place to host laid-back meetings.

Additionally, a courtyard is a calm place for employees to relax. Getting some sun and being around plants is great for boosting mood, productivity, and mental health. Every good business owner loves an opportunity to offer their employees a way to relax on
breaks before jumping back into work. A courtyard full of plants is also a great location to host company gatherings such as happy hour, a barbecue, or a holiday party.

If your company has more of a customer-based focus such as a restaurant, designing a courtyard full of seasonal plants provides a space to host both customers and passersby who associate the courtyard with your business. Upgrading the look of your business with the outdoor landscaping skills and services provided by Billy Heroman’s plantscaping professionals improves revenue, employe retention, and the reputability of your business.

Looking for the right courtyard?

Is your space comfortable?

Achieve a Lush, Green Courtyard With Billy Heroman’s

From formal green landscapes to bountiful color displays, we install the perfect plants that thrive in your environment and cultivate the desired atmosphere. Get in touch and begin the process of turning your courtyard into a personal place of peace by calling us at 225-272-9051. One of our representatives will be with you shortly to discuss the specifics of your plan.