Defined as a fertile or green area in a desert region, an oasis is a welcome respite to a weary soul.  

Envision your current pool area: a wide expanse of wooden deck or a tiled rooftop in full sun. Now imagine the difference that pool and deck plantscaping can make. You walk out onto a deck or rooftop. You’re greeted by a pool or water feature and lush landscaping. Palm trees, garden beds, and planters for billowing greenery or flowers make the space feel like a tropical oasis. Rather than being pelted by the hot sun, you can relax under the cooling shade of purposefully placed foliage. 

With the right design elements and the guidance of our design specialists, this beautiful retreat will become a reality! Get in touch with us at Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping today to create the perfect pool or deck landscaping for your home or business. Here’s how it works.

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Luxuriously Designed Pool & Deck Landscaping

Whether you are enhancing a public pool area or your own backyard, beautifully designed pool and deck landscaping can take the atmosphere from bland to “tropical getaway” with ease! Exotic, sun-loving plants like palm trees, cacti, and hibiscus add life and beauty to an outdoor space while being better equipped to handle the elements. Planters situated between lounge furniture provide shade and relaxation thanks to foliage and blooming flowers. Large outdoor blooming plant beds break up and organize the exterior space. This is a great option for separating a pool from seating and lounge areas.

At Billy Heroman’s we love seeing beautiful, natural spaces come to life. Our skilled designers will find the perfect accents for your deck or rooftop. Pool and deck landscaping adds visual appeal and functionality to a space. From lighting and fencing to gardens and greenery, your landscaping can control movement and even promote safety throughout your outdoor space. If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, we will curate the best planters, foliage, and spatial design to complement your pool area and create a retreat for guests or clients to relax and unwind.

Start Designing With Billy Heroman’s

Your pool is the central feature of your outdoor space. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping experts will install exquisite plantscaping around your pool or water feature. Are you ready to create your perfect pool and deck plantscape? Message us online for more information, or call us at 225-272-9051. We can’t wait to turn your pool deck or rooftop into a luxurious retreat!

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