At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we help you elevate your business with captivating plant design. We know plants can brighten a space, but did you know that they can also attract business? Plants, for many, elevate the mood and improve productivity. And, they create an overall sense of wellness and positivity in an indoor or outdoor space. With flowers and greenery customized to your business, you can craft a space that is warm, inviting, and inspiring for both your employees and your clientele! Here’s why your Hammond business needs plantscaping services.

How Plantscaping Brings in Clients

While the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is not completely accurate, it does hold some truth. When a new client or customer sees your business, the landscaping and care given to its exterior give them an initial impression. A cold, sterile exterior is not particularly inviting, whereas a business with attractive landscaping and greenery welcomes them in. Whether you are looking to appeal to new visitors or passersby, customized containers of blooming plants or outdoor living walls can enthrall and bring joy to all who approach.

If you are interested in incorporating your branding into your outdoor plants, consider our outdoor living walls. These can span an entire wall or exist in smaller, purposefully structured focal points. We use mixes of colors and textures that complement your company colors, or we can even shape your plant selections to form your company logo. These eye-catching statement pieces are fantastic elements that wow clientele and customers alike!

Outdoor Plantscaping Increases Property Value

Custom outdoor landscaping services make your business stand out. This can be beneficial for setting yourself apart from competitors. Or, your plant design can even make your company more attractive when it comes to selling your property. Whether you use plants and greenery to provide privacy, shade, or attract others to your business, the addition of purposeful landscaping can make your business more valuable to customers or potential buyers. And in some circumstances, your outdoor landscaping can influence the areas around you to also improve and maintain their property. This cultivates a brighter, cleaner, more attractive environment both on and off your company grounds. 

Blooming bed design is just one of our Hammond plantscaping services. These beautiful flower beds can line the front of your building or separate it from other properties. Like our outdoor living walls, you can use your plant choices to emphasize your brand. Choose colors that complement your logo, or simply use colors and textures to draw attention to your company sign. With the help of our designers, you can find the perfect accents to excite and welcome visitors.

Indoor Plantscaping Can Enhance Productivity

Our Hammond plantscaping services are not limited to outdoor design. Indoor landscaping breathes life and productivity into your business. Not only do you want to draw customers in with beautiful outdoor plants, but you also want to make your interior a comfortable space for your employees. Bring visual interest and emotional impact to your interior space with custom plant design, green walls, seasonal plant selections, or even a specially designed atrium. No matter what you choose, these natural elements are sure to be a positive addition to your company.

Contact Us Today For Hammond Plantscaping Services

Let Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping in Hammond help you find the perfect indoor and outdoor plantscaping services for your business. Call us today at 225-272-9051 to speak with our plant designers and work up a quote for your landscaping. You can also message our sales and design team through our website! We look forward to helping you develop the interior and exterior spaces of your dreams with lush, natural elements.

Looking to brighten up your space? Gorgeous plants can add natural beauty and aesthetic appeal to nearly any environment. And, with proper placement, they can totally transform the look of an outdoor area. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor space, trust the pros at Billy Heroman’s for your New Orleans plantscaping needs. We offer several services that the color and warmth your space has been missing. Learn how outdoor plantscaping from Billy Heroman’s could beautify your outdoor environment.

What Plantscaping Can Bring to Outdoor Spaces

Sometimes when you’re living in the city, it feels like you’re a million miles away from nature. But, when you’re surrounded by healthy, gorgeous plants, nature comes to you. And, when you can enjoy that experience regularly while living in the city, it can be a night and day difference. Find out how our outdoor plantscaping services could benefit you and your clients.

Breathe Life Into Large Rooftops and Pool Decks

When you want to relax and unwind, a rooftop or pool can often be the best place to do it. Billy Heroman’s can work with you to provide plantscaping that really makes your New Orleans space shine! Containerized plantings provide the perfect options for rooftops and pool areas. When they are properly cared for and maintained, the results can be stunning. The before and after of adding these plantings is really something you need to experience firsthand. 

An Excellent Selection

Finding the plants that work best with your environment doesn’t have to become a struggle. In fact, it can be pretty fun! But, if you’re interested in upgrading an outdoor space, you want to make sure you choose the right plants. Some plants thrive better in certain environments than others. So, for an outdoor arrangement, plants that need lots of sunlight can be the best fit. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping offers a wide range of high light plant options, enabling you to find a selection you’ll love.

Living Walls

Unfortunately, many outdoor spaces and building façades can be pretty unremarkable. However, our outdoor living walls can turn them into art! We can add exterior vertical gardens or green walls that bring beauty, personality, and color to these spaces. They’re sure to catch the eye and wow passersby.

Blooming Bed Design

A bed of flowers and foliage can totally change the look of an outdoor space for the better. And this is especially true when they are provided and maintained by Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping. The aesthetic appeal of our blooming bed design turns heads, and they can lighten a space like nothing else. We can help you select the plants that would work best in your space based on season and light exposure. In addition, our installation teams visit semi-annually to replant the bed to match the season, so you can simply relax and enjoy the splendor of your plants.

Looking for Excellent Plantscaping in New Orleans?

Are you ready to upgrade the look of your outdoor space? Trust Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping to give you the outdoor environment you deserve. Contact us online or give us a call at 504-215-5002 to learn more about our services. Let us show you what a difference beautiful, well-maintained plants can make.