In the bustling business landscape of Baton Rouge, creating an inviting and productive office space can positively impact your business. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping offers a comprehensive approach to transforming work environments. Our plant rental services offer unmatched benefits. Here are five compelling reasons to consider office plant rental services for your workspace.

1. Improved Air Quality

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating plants into your office is the enhancement of air quality. Plants are natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins and emitting oxygen, creating a healthier environment for you and your team. 


Research from the University of Florida highlights how plants improve indoor air quality, making a solid case for their inclusion in office spaces. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping ensures your office has the right plants to maximize this benefit through our office plant services. 

2. Enhanced Aesthetics

A visually appealing workspace can impress clients and boost employee morale. Our office plant rental services allow you to effortlessly beautify your office. 


With projects like the 30-foot-tall plant wall in the Highland Building lobby, we’ve demonstrated our ability to dramatically enhance office aesthetics and create inviting and professional spaces.

3. Stress Reduction

Studies have shown that the presence of greenery in the office can decrease stress and increase productivity. Our initiative with Superior Grill and iSeatz, where we designed vibrant plantscapes, created stress-reducing environments in both work and dining settings.


Incorporating plants into your office design can create a calm, serene workspace conducive to productivity and creativity.

4. Cost-Effective Flexibility

Office plant rental services offer the beauty and benefits of plants without upfront investment and ongoing maintenance concerns. Office plant rental services provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for businesses in transient stages or those looking to experiment with different aesthetics. 


Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping offers short-term and long-term rental options for varying business needs, such as seasonal changes or specific events.

5. Expert Maintenance

Maintaining plants can be challenging without the right expertise. Our rental services include professional maintenance, ensuring your plants always look their best without adding to your workload.


Our team handles everything from watering and fertilizing to disease and insect control. With guaranteed maintenance contracts, any plant that doesn’t thrive under our care is replaced at no additional cost, giving you peace of mind.

Notable Office Plant Services and Projects

Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping has transformed office environments across Baton Rouge. Our past work with the Highland Building and the Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation showcases our capability to handle projects of any scale and deliver spectacular results. With comprehensive services from design to installation and maintenance, we ensure your office space remains vibrant and healthy.

Choose Our Office Plant Services 

Choosing Billy Heroman’s for your office plant rental services means partnering with a team dedicated to enhancing your workspace. Our plant services are tailored to meet your needs, creating environments that inspire and invigorate.


Ready to transform your office space with the beauty and benefits of plants? Contact Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping today by calling 225-272-9051 or message us online to learn more about our office plant rental services.

Every Christmas, New Orleans transforms into a wonderland of shimmering lights and floral displays. Some classic stops include City Park’s enchanting light festival and driving by the twinkling lights of Garden District homes. With New Orleans’ many festivities, it can often feel overwhelming for business owners to keep up. Here are five ideas for hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans to help you spread cheer this Christmas.

1) Deck the Dinner Table

No matter the time of the year, great food is a staple of New Orleans. However, food is only part of the experience. That’s why decorating your dining space is essential for standing out in the city of celebration. 

Floral centerpieces are an elegant way of decorating your dining space without sacrificing class. If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas aesthetic, try using plants like poinsettias. Or, for a minimal approach, incorporate paperwhite narcissus to give a snowy look.

2) Freshen Up The Classic Garland Look With Vines

If you’re organizing hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans, odds are you’ve considered using garland. However, if traditional garland doesn’t capture your hotel’s style, try mixing it up with plants like Pothos or English Ivy!

These trailing vines are a refreshing way to bring rich greens to your interior without using conventional garland. These plants are often used in our green walls due to their versatility and color. Shake up the holiday this year and try some vines!

3) Bring The North Pole to New Orleans

Everyone remembers the childhood wonder of exploring a new place, especially a hotel. Turn your hotel halls into a Christmas forest trail by incorporating small pine trees. With dwarf evergreens and tall planters, you can give guests a magical interior they’ll never forget. 

Want to double down on your activities? Our team can decorate the trees with personalized ornaments. Spread some magic this year and bring the North Pole to your hotel!

4) Timeless Hotel Christmas Decor

Poinsettias are a Christmas classic for hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ve lost their impact. Poinsettias are a simple way to give guests the romance of Christmas.

 Like a festive red carpet, the sprawling red foliage invites guests in while displaying the hotel’s distinction. Opting for the Christmas staple can set your hotel apart with a timeless and elegant appeal. Whether for a hotel lobby or lining your halls, you can’t go wrong with poinsettias for hotel Christmas decor in New Orleans.

5) Enjoy Your View

Balcony spaces often act as a place of refuge for guests looking to catch their breath and glimpse of the city. However, they can also be wonderful places to show your hotel’s style to guests and onlookers through Christmas decorations. 

A well-decorated balcony lets guests take in the New Orleans magic without needing to leave their hotel. Use garland to give a classic touch or string lights to sparkle through the night. No matter the style, an elegant balcony creates a private oasis from the hustle of the city. 

Ready To Spread Cheer This Year?

Whether you are looking for simple holiday accents or a sweeping plant display, we are here to assist you. For Christmas hotel decor in New Orleans, look no further than Billy Heroman’s Plants. You can even consult with a professional at our New Orleans location to find the perfect look for your holiday. Contact us at 225-272-9051, send us a message online, or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to help you make your season’s greetings even greener!

New Orleans is a great city to incorporate lush and vibrant indoor  plants to your interior office. With our strategic placement and arrangement of plants within indoor spaces, we can transform your office. If you are interested in plantscaping for your business, here are five reasons why you should consider leasing office plants in New Orleans. 

1. Plants Improve Your Office Air Quality in New Orleans

New Orleans faces some challenges when it comes to their air quality. Factors such as the geographical location, industrial activities, and vehicular emissions have major influence on the city’s air quality. 


Office plants can help improve air quality by reducing pollutants in the air. The plants can easily absorb these toxins and release oxygen, creating a healthier and more productive workspace. Plants such as Peace Lily, Snake Plant, and Bamboo Palm are great options.

2. Reduces Stress

While the loud energy and noise are part of what makes New Orleans unique, the city’s exuberance can often lessen office workers’ concentration. The excitment can make it harder to complete one’s job. Office plants can help absorb the outside sounds and reduce noise levels in the office. This creates a quieter and stress free atmosphere, allowing employees to concentrate better. 

3. Event Planning 

New Orleans is well known for their vibrant and festive spirits. Residents love to plan memorable parties, so what better way to event plan with your office through Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping? You can work with one of our plantscaping experts who can assist in selecting the most appropriate plants for your office event. 


We offer event planning, weddings, themed events, seasonal events, and much more. You can share your vision with us about how you want to transform your space, and our team will do the rest! We can incorporate decorative centerpieces, green walls, hanging installations and entrance decor.  

4. Holiday Season 

Plantscaping during the holiday season can be another great way to enhance your office plants in New Orleans.  The New Orleans community loves to celebrate holidays, and Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping is the perfect place to fulfill your holiday office decoration. Our team is able to transform your office by providing full service design, fabrication, and installation in your office. 


Some perfect plants for the office around the holidays are festive touches like evergreen wreaths, garlands, poinsettias, and beautifully decorated christmas trees.  Our team can work with you to curate the way to enhance your atmosphere during the holiday season. From Mardi Gras to Easter, our plantscaping professionals can help you find the perfect office plants for your space during every season in New Orleans! 

5. Enhanced Office  Design

New Orleans is known for its unique style of expression and creativity. Inspiration from the city’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is perfect to incorporate the design of your office. Adding professional plantscaping can enhance the overall aesthetic of the workspace, making it more appealing to the clients and the workers. 

 Experience Beautiful Office Plants Today

Whether you are looking for a simple plant addition, or are looking to recreate your office space, we are here to assist you. Visit our location in New Orleans, and we will be happy to work together to help create the perfect aesthetic for your office. Contact us at 225-272-9051 or send us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to help you make your office space greener!

As springtime arrives, many individuals and businesses consider adding a touch of greenery to their indoor spaces. Plant rentals are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the beauty and benefits of plants without the commitment of owning them. At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we offer a wide variety of plant rentals to suit any style and space. Here are five spring plant rentals that you’ll love.

1. Peace Lily

Did you know the common name for Spathiphyllum plants is peace lily? Well, it’s true! The peace lily is a classic choice for any interior space. With its dark green leaves and white flowers, it adds a touch of elegance and tranquility to any room. It’s also a low-maintenance plant, making it an excellent option for busy individuals or businesses. At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we provide regular plant maintenance services so you can enjoy your peace lily without any hassle.

2. Maranta Green

The maranta green plant rental is an excellent choice for those who want to add a pop of color to their space. It’s also known as Rabbit Tracks and is the perfect plant for fresh and playful spring energy. Additionally, another name for this plant is Prayer Hands, as the leaves fold up like praying hands at night. 

With its vibrant round green leaves and unique patterns, it’s sure to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. Plus, it’s a great air purifier, helping to remove toxins from the air and create a healthier indoor environment. 

3. Orchids

Orchids are a timeless and elegant choice for any space. Their delicate flowers and graceful stems add a touch of sophistication to any room. At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we offer a variety of orchid rentals to suit any style and color preference. And with our plant maintenance services, you can rest assured that your orchids will always look their best.

4. Kalanchoe

For those who want to add a touch of whimsy to their space, the kalanchoe plant rental is an excellent choice for high-light areas. With its bright colors and playful shapes, it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Plus, it’s a low-maintenance plant, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of plants without the hassle of constant care.

5. Fish Tail Palm

The fishtail palm is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a larger plant rental to make a statement in your space. With its dramatic fronds and tropical vibe, it’s sure to create a bold and beautiful look in any room. And with our plant maintenance services, you can enjoy the beauty of the fishtail palm without any of the upkeep.

Maintain Plant Rentals With Our Plant Care Services

At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, we understand that maintaining plants can be a hassle, especially for those who are busy or inexperienced. That’s why we offer comprehensive plant maintenance services to keep your rental plants looking their best. Our team of experts will visit your space regularly to water, prune, and care for your plants, ensuring that they always look healthy and vibrant.

Still Trying to Decide What to Pick?

In addition to our plant rentals and maintenance services, we also offer various other plantscaping services. For example, we offer design and installation, seasonal rotations, and holiday decor. So whatever your plant needs may be, we’re here to help.

Want to Make Your Life Greener With Plant Rentals? Call Us Today

If you want to add some greenery to your space this spring, consider a plant rental from Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping. You can enjoy plants without any hassle with our wide variety of plants and comprehensive maintenance services. Contact us today at 225-272-9051 (7673) or message us online to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you.

As we continue to enjoy the golden tones of autumn, we must be mindful of the shrinking hours of daylight and how they may affect us. While this may feel overly precautious for some, taking countermeasures can make a positive difference in our lives. One of the best times to invest in plant rentals is during the darker months. So, before the golden days of autumn fade into the unforgettable days of winter, it would be wise to learn how great plant rentals can be. Learn three reasons why you should invest in plant rentals from places like Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping

1. Plants Help Productivity

Countless studies worldwide have shown how valuable plants can be when curating a space where productivity thrives. For example, this study from American Psychological Association has proven that the mere presence of plants has improved productivity by up to 15%. So, it would be hard to argue against how beneficial adding plants to your space is! This is especially true when you choose low-maintenance plants or use plant maintenance services to get all the benefits without all the work. 

2. Plant Rentals Help Combat the Blues During Fall and Winter

Did you know that 10 million Americans struggle with seasonal affective disorder as the northern hemisphere experiences the darker months? Well, it’s extremely common for the dark days of these seasons to influence your mental health. But worry not! The presence of plants has been shown to improve the impact of anxiety and depression. These little green friends understand how important sunlight can be and will help brighten your spirits. 

3. Brighten Your Space

With the entire world turning gray and bare as seasonal plants go into their dormant state until the spring, your environment loses lots of important color and cheer. Adding pops of color with plant rentals can boost your mood and the spirits of those around you. So chase those winter and autumn blues away! The family company of Billy Heroman has worked in the plant industry for generations. We have become highly familiar with how to select the best plants for the space you have. And, we have passed the knowledge of balancing light, watering, and more to our team to aid in their services to you. 

Browse our catalog to see our wide variety of low-level, medium-level, and high-level light selections to help you begin envisioning the possibilities for your space! In addition to our plant rental selections, we also offer plant care from our experienced plant maintenance teams. This way, you won’t have to worry about the delicate balance of care all plants need in the darker months. 

Call Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping For Plant Rentals 

If you want to bring more color into your home or business during the gray months ahead, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can help you gain the benefits of plant rentals from selection to care and more. Our company has generations of experience with plants that we have passed on to our highly skilled team of plant care experts. So don’t hesitate to call us at 225-272-9051 and discover how we can help you enhance your space. Please contact us at your nearest location or send us a message online. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Weddings are very expensive, and having beautiful plantscaping is a part of those costs. But what if you could save while still getting exactly the decor you want? A wedding plant rental is an overlooked but amazing option. Billy Heroman’s fully believes in helping lovebirds get the wedding of their dreams with rental plants. Here are four reasons you should rent plants for your wedding over purchasing them. 

1. Save Money With Wedding Plant Rentals

On average, couples spend around $1,500 on flowers. While it varies based on wedding size and budget, flowers eat up a sizeable chunk of the wedding budget. In reality, it doesn’t need to. You can save a lot of money by renting decorative flowers and plants. This isn’t to say you can’t buy items like bridal bouquets and other keepsake florals. But for the less sentimental items, renting is a great option. You don’t need to worry about the aesthetics of the rental flowers with professionals like Billy Heroman’s plants. You aren’t sacrificing quality for rental prices with us. It’s friendly to your budget and the eyes. 

2. Increase Wiggle Room In Your Budget

By saving more on the basics, you have more room in your budget to splurge on out-of-budget ideas. You could fill the space in your budget with other wedding expenses and also transform your wedding space into a floral wonderland. Wedding plant rental prices make creating a floral, dreamy atmosphere attainable. Quality plant rental companies should match your excitement and work with you to make your personal wonderland a reality. 

3. Less Work for You 

The last thing anyone wants to feel after the months of stressful planning on their wedding day is unnecessary stress. However, there are still bound to be enough things to worry about without fretting about floristry. Most plant rental companies will set up and clean up after your big day is finished, which is one less thing to deal with. This way, you will have more time to focus on your big day and the excitement of marrying your partner. Quality wedding plant rental companies understand how important a love-filled, and relaxing wedding day can be. In fact, Billy Heroman’s has a separate website dedicated to weddings to streamline the planning process.  

4. More Sustainable 

With the earth giving us so many beautiful plants and flowers, it is nice to treat the planet kindly in return. With weddings becoming more grand and lavish with every passing year, the eco-footprint of the wedding industry grows. After some weddings, the expensive flower arrangements with no sentimental value are just thrown away. Plant and flower rentals are a great eco-friendly option to counteract this. Renting and working with a local florist who is familiar with the seasonal blooms will have a minor impact environmentally. 

Excited About Wedding Plant Rentals? Contact Billy Heroman’s Plants! 

If you are impressed with all the benefits of wedding plant rentals and want to inquire about your special day, get in contact with Billy Heroman’s. The sooner the better is a good rule of thumb to avoid disappointment with wedding planning. For inquiries, please reach call us at 225-272-9051, browse our plant catalog, or message us online! Don’t wait to take advantage of the benefits of events plant rentals.