With spring on the horizon, it’s time to think about brightening up the office after a long winter. The benefits of spring cleaning and makeovers shouldn’t be scoffed at. This is especially true when office routines start to feel never-ending. You can give new life to the energy of your office with indoor landscape architecture! So, why not incorporate some lush greenery into your business? Here are some reasons your Louisiana office needs indoor landscape architecture. 

Give New Life to Your Louisiana Office With Indoor Landscape Architecture

Office life can become routine and monotonous quickly. We can be stuck inside a building for eight to nine hours a day for five days a week. Prioritizing an enjoyable work environment shouldn’t fall to the bottom of your agenda. The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace study proved natural features in the workplace increase overall wellbeing and creativity by 15%. If you are excited to sit at your desk, you come into work each day in the right headspace. There is an incredible potential for improved workflow in Louisiana offices through the utilization of indoor landscape architecture. You can brighten the office and the people in it this spring by adding greenery. It’s time to evict the winter blues!

Cleaner Air, Healthier Mind

The benefits of beautiful indoor landscape architecture are not always visible. According to The World Green Building Council, there is an 11% increase in productivity because of fresher air. Plants freshen the air by creating oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. Much like plants, we thrive in environments that help us meet our physical needs. Well-maintained plants show their appreciation for their care by giving us clean air to breathe. Everyone and every plant wins. 

Don’t Worry! There Is a Plant for Everyone

The layout of your building might not seem well suited for plants. However, Louisiana indoor landscape architecture experts, like the ones at Billy Heroman’s Plants, can find the right plant for everyone. If you are worried about the level of sunlight in your building, we can work with you to create an indoor landscape architecture with low-light plants. Maybe you want plants that won’t clash with the colors of your logo or interior decorating. Whatever the reservation, there is a plant that is right for your needs. Everyone deserves the benefits of indoor landscape architecture in Louisiana.

Indoor Landscape Architecture Can Be Low Commitment

Once our designers plan the perfect indoor landscape architecture for you, we can help maintain it. You won’t be left behind to struggle without help. Billy Heroman’s Plants is available for hire to maintain your fresh spring plantscaping for many seasons to come. With our help, we can keep your plant design lush and energetic, and we can help protect the accompanying benefits of maintaining office plants. 

Chase the Winter Gloom Away With Indoor Landscape Architecture 

Spring is the time of growth and rebirth. With indoor landscape architecture, your Louisiana office can be re-energized. Billy Heroman’s team of designers can help create the perfect indoor oasis for your office this spring season. You can call us today at 225-272-9051 or message us online. You could also come to one of our eight locations in Louisiana. Don’t wait to brighten up your workspace this spring season!