This local IT company has grown from a small office on the second floor to encompassing two entire floors of their building and is about to undergo a third expansion.

Billy Heroman’s has been along every step of the way providing design expertise and ongoing care to the many plants living in the office. iSeatz work culture values its employees by giving them the space, amenities, and the care they need to be productive and serve their clients well. One of the ways they care for their employees is through utilizing biophilia, a design style that mimics and incorporates elements of nature, in order to create benefits for its users.  At iSeatz this looks like a variety of plants located throughout the building providing air purifiers, color, and a sense of nature to the team, client, and even the many dogs that travel to work with their owners.

When iSeatz went through its first expansion, Billy Heroman’s installed a living plant wall located at the entry of their building.

The first thing guests see when entering the facility is a blooming plant wall with a variety of different vegetation. Even the returning guests have something to enjoy as we have worked with the firm over time, so that different plants have been replaced and new patterns have been designed in the wall. The employees love watching the plants grow and thrive on the living wall.

Throughout the rest of the office, you can find individual or groupings of both large and small plants as well as a living moss wall. iSeatz knows the benefit of having living plants in the office. We are proud to be a part of a team that helps their employees grow and thrive.