When it comes to your workspace, you want it to look nice! That’s why so many spaces are adding in more plants. After all, it improves air quality, raises morale, and just makes it all look nice! But as living things, they can die and can leave your office looking shabbier than ever. So don’t leave plant maintenance to your staff, especially if they don’t know anything about caring for plants in the first place. That’s just a recipe for disaster. Instead, do your company a favor and invest in the right plant maintenance company in Baton Rouge. Our company does our best to ensure that your plant gets the most out of its life and makes your office look better than ever!

Different Plants—Different Needs

Just like how people have different needs than others, so do plants! For example, some have intense needs—a certain pH in the soil, just the right amount of sun, not too much water, not too little water. But others, like weeds, thrive in cracks in the sidewalk. And this fact is true for all plants. That’s why many people are getting greenhouses or keeping up with their plant’s needs. But you need a low-maintenance plant that you can leave and let someone else handle. With this in mind, you need to find the right plants that can thrive in your office. 

Workplace Plant Maintenance

Of course, you can’t exactly put a greenhouse and your workspace. And if you can—that’s an amazing topic for another time. But most businesses can’t do this. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to worry about maintaining your new plants. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. 

At Billy Heroman’s, we offer a number of plant maintenance services, so you don’t have to! 

  • Water. Remember how we said that every plant has different needs? Of course, water is one of these needs. But their need for water isn’t so cut and dry. Our technicians also focus on environmental factors so we can water the plants correctly. 
  • Fertilize. The right fertilizer can make or break a plant. If a plant really needs it, we’re also willing to conduct soil tests to determine the nutrient needs. 
  • Insect Control. We’re serious about insect control. Thanks to the training our staff has, we can use pesticides to help any insect issues that appear. Our team uses a combination of sprays, natural controls, and systemic insecticides in the soil.
  • Disease Control. Like any living creature, plants can get diseases. While not COVID-19, plants can suffer from a range of funguses, viruses, and bacteria. Thankfully, our horticulturists are able to recognize these issues, prevent them, and treat them if necessary. 
  • Cleaning. Cleaning plants is actually really good for their health! With less dirt and dust, plants are able to get more sunlight and are less susceptible to insects and diseases. 
  • Quality Control. We want you to have the best plants in your space. That’s why one of our quality control supervisors visits your location often to check the general appearance and health of your plants. 

Scheduling Plant Maintenance

Are you ready to make a change in your office plants? We’re here to help! Get in touch with the nearest Billy Heroman’s and ask about our plant maintenance services.