The @Highland building is one of Baton Rouge’s most cutting-edge developments, designed to mirror the lushly landscaped, creative workspaces of high-tech companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Having set the vision to create a bold workspace that integrated natural features with architecture, the developers pulled together a team that included Billy Heroman’s to create a 30’ tall plant wall that would extend across building. The green wall has become the showcase of the lobby, grabbing everyone’s attention as they walk in and even being admired by drivers who pass the building at night.

Billy Heroman’s installed and maintains the living wall on an ongoing basis. This luscious plantscape is a work of natural art, utilizing eight different types of tropical foliage which weave different colors and textures in a beautiful free flowing design.  The wall is also easy to care for from the building’s perspective as it has its own irrigation system and ample lighting to create a wonderful growing environment. The Billy Heroman’s team arrives on a regular cycle to clean, trim, prune and inspect the wall, which is the largest interior living wall in the Baton Rouge area. This green plant wall is a sight to behold and we are proud to be a part of @Highland’s development in bringing Baton Rouge into a new age of design.