Are you interested in uplifting your space with natural greenery but dread the upkeep? Billy Heroman’s plant watering service is your solution! We offer a plant maintenance service to take the care of plants off your plate. Our team can maintain the health and vibrancy of your plants without you having to lift a finger. Allow the experts to handle your plant care so you can enjoy your beautiful foliage without the stress. Learn how our plant watering service can save you time and money!

We Keep Your Plants Happy and Healthy

Take the guesswork out of keeping your plants happy and healthy with Billy Heroman’s plant watering service! During our first routine visit, a member of our team will perform a simple assessment. At this time, they will inspect the quality of your plants and determine any environmental factors affecting your flowers and greenery. Once we understand the unique needs of your plants, we can create a care plan.  We can then perform regular plant care maintenance. This includes preventative measures necessary to ensure your foliage is always beautiful.

With our plant watering service, the care of plants can be one check off your to-do list. And the best part? If your plant does not remain healthy, happy, and beautiful under our watch, we replace it at no additional cost. Let the experts handle your plant care.  

Billy Heroman’s Plant Maintenance Services

Each plant has unique needs. So, plant maintenance vastly differs from plant to plant. We offer routine plant care and maintenance customized to your specific plant’s needs. 

Our plant maintenance services include:

  • Watering: We project the amount of water a plant needs based on environmental factors and surrounding conditions.
  • Fertilizing: We test the quality of the soil and provide it with the necessary fertilizer. Like our food, fertilizer helps plants ensure they remain strong and well-nourished.
  • Insect control: We protect against harmful pests with insecticides.
  • Disease control: We check for signs of fungus, bacteria, or viruses. Our team is well-versed in preventative measures and treatments.
  • Cleaning: We set a cleaning schedule to prevent accumulating dust from blocking light absorption. Additionally, this can help prevent the growth of mold, fungus, or other plant diseases.
  • Quality control: We pay periodic visits to ensure your plants stay happy and healthy.

If you believe these services would benefit you, contact us today!

Save Your Time and Money

Preserving your indoor and outdoor landscape can take time and effort. Natural foliage demands a delicate balance of needs, and a simple mistake can offset a plant’s health. Additionally, prematurely replacing plants can put a hole in your pocket. Without proper care, it can start costing more than it’s worth. 

Our team understands the extensive time and resources necessary for your greenery to thrive. We strive to simplify this process for our customers. The specialists at Billy Heroman’s possess the knowledge and correct treatments needed to tend to each plant. By providing plant maintenance, our technicians can manage your plant’s health from start to finish. Protect your investment by opting for our plant watering service. 

Set Up Your Plant Watering Service With Billy Heroman’s!

As a respected Baton Rouge native plantscaping company with five generations of expertise, we offer premium services to help you enjoy your plant’s beauty at its maximum health. If you are interested in a plant watering service, contact Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping! Call 225-272-9051 (7673) or message us online for any questions or concerns.