Bringing plants into the office can significantly impact your employees’ productivity, engagement, and overall well-being. Not only do they add a touch of nature to work life, but they also purify the air, reduce stress, and increase concentration levels. With this in mind, plant owners must know how to help indoor plants thrive in this environment. Use this guide from Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping to understand office plants and find the right office plant service for your needs in Louisiana for 2023. 

Picking the Right Plant

If you’re looking to bring the beauty of nature indoors, adding some plants to your office space is the perfect solution. However, picking the right plant for the indoor environment of your office is incredibly important. Without the right environment for their species, plants can quickly wither and die regardless of how well their owner cares for them. 

Start by determining if your space provides high, medium, or low sunlight and finding plants for your light level. To help start off your research, here is a blog post with some of our low-light indoor plant recommendations

Additional factors to consider are watering frequency, temperature ranges, and their constitution to challenges. It’s essential to think about how easy it would be to care for the plant on an ongoing basis for your lifestyle. What determines an easy plant changes with the individual, but there is one for everyone. 

Creating the Perfect Environment

Once you’ve selected the perfect plants for your office, it’s important to create an environment where they can thrive. An excellent place to start is placing them in an area with the appropriate light for their species. There are many online resources if you are unsure of how to care for your plant. For example, Billy Heroman’s has a ‘Plant Inquiry’ submission for each plant in our catalog if you’d like to request more information on your next plant. 

Outside of researching the best care regime, there are a few additional steps to help plants thrive. Make sure they have adequate drainage when watering them to avoid water logging. You should also give them regular fertilization and monitor their growth over time. Since indoor office plants have no exposure to rain, owners should wipe the dust from the leaves as necessary to prevent photosynthesis blockage. 

If you notice any signs of distress, such as wilting leaves or discoloration, it might be time to reevaluate their care. Alternatively, switching out one type of plant for another better suited for the environment may be necessary. 

Finding the Right Experts for Your Office Plant Care Service Team

If you were born without a green thumb or don’t have time for plant maintenance in your day, don’t worry. With the help of Billy Heroman’s plant maintenance services, office plantscaping is achievable without you lifting a finger. One of our plant experts can determine the best fit for your space and handle the plant care. With so many benefits of office plants, it’s hard to think of reasons you shouldn’t invest in an office plant service this year. 

Want a Greener 2023? Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping Can Help!

Adding plants to your office can make a substantial positive difference in office life! There are many options available from Billy Heroman’s Plant Catalog, and we encourage you to find your perfect addition for 2023. With the help of this guide and an office plant service, your office plants in Louisiana will thrive in 2023.

From white birds of paradise with low light needs to beginner-friendly pothos plants—there is something perfect for every office in Louisiana! So why not start benefitting from office plants and services in 2023? Call 225-272-9051 (7673) or message us online today if you have any questions or inquiries. Let’s make 2023 greener together.