Whether you’re looking for low maintenance indoor plants for your office—these six plants are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a bit of green to their lives. When it comes to indoor plants, you want to find the right plants that will tolerate indirect sunlight from a window and do well with indoor temperatures as well. The idea is to find a plant that needs a bit of care, but nothing requiring a lot of effort.

So, what are the best low maintenance indoor plants for offices? Let’s find out!


Aloe is well known for its healing properties—being used in everything from lotions and sunscreens to toilet paper. However, the aloe plant is also a great plant for your office. As succulent, it requires very little water, making it an easy choice. Aloe does prefer a bit of sunlight, so it’s a great choice for a workspace near a window or sitting on a window sill.

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is known (and named) for its ability to survive under the most difficult circumstances. This plant prefers a low light environment, making it a great plant for any corner of the office that needs a bit of color. These even have a chance to flower indoors, adding even more color to your space. Perfect to add to the morale of your employees or clients.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen is an excellent plant for beginners, as it requires little maintenance and can be forgiving with a lack of care (for those forgetful or busy workers). It’s able to adapt to just about any room condition and tolerates low light or indirect light very well.

Dumb Cane

Dumb cane’s variegated leaves make it an extremely attractive plant, but the easy maintenance routine it requires makes it an even more appropriate choice. The plant prefers things on the warm sides, so keep it away from any drafty areas (and also from office pets).

Jade Plant

The Jade plant is one of the most popular indoor plants. It has thick, glossy leaves and looks great just about anywhere. To reach its full potential, the Jade plant needs lots of sunlight. So it does best in the brightest place in the room, like near or on a window sill. The hardest part of growing a Jade plant is giving it the right amount of water. You want to water enough to prevent the leaves from browning or falling off, but not so much that the soil stays wet and the roots begin to rot.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is one of the most popular indoor plants. One of the main reasons for this is that it grows very well, allowing it to be repotted. The other reason is that it will grow little baby plants that hang down and can be cut off and planted elsewhere. It’s the plant that keeps on giving!


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