The Therapeutic Effect Of Indoor Plants

It’s no question that indoor plants bring a lot to the table. They often smell great and they’re aesthetically pleasing. But did you know indoor plants provide a plethora of positive health benefits too? Unfortunately, it seems most office spaces are lacking in the foliage area. But why? Plants are proven to uplift your mood, improve your memory, and increase your work productivity as well. Something bright and green is bound to help—and a plant watering service makes it easy! The hustle and bustle of the office can sometimes take away from focus and productivity.  Fortunately, indoor plants have the ability to lessen many of these distracting effects.


Office Plants Improve Memory And Concentration

We’ve all had days where you’re sitting staring at your computer screen, hoping for a drop of inspiration. Well, what you more than likely need is some plant therapy. 

A recent study finds indoor plants help concentration and productivity by up to 47 percent at work. By highlighting, “allowing your staff to make design-based decisions in a workspace enhanced with indoor plants can increase creativity by 45 percent and boost productivity by 38 percent.” We understand that plants help us out so much more than we might originally think.

One’s capacity for attention and focus becomes limited the more time spent working on a task. Adding foliage in the office gives the brain a break from the monotony and allows the mind to recoup. Additionally, The Journal of Environmental Psychology claims plants help boost both memory and concentration. This increase happens almost immediately after placing plants in your office. These findings are rooted in Attention Restoration Theory (ATR), which states everyone has a limited capacity for monotonous work. Greenery short-circuits these responses and gives your brain a breath of fresh air.

Best Types Of Office Plants

So now you might be curious about which plants are responsible for giving you those brain-boosting benefits, right? Well, any indoor plant will give you an increase in productivity or well-being. But not all plants are created equal—some do a better job than others. Let’s take a look at some plants that are great for both you and the office.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are the perfect addition to any office. All this plant needs to survive is bright light and a little water here and there. Aside from giving you something mesmerizing to look at, this plant soaks up a lot of nasty chemicals in the air and gives you something fresh and clean to breathe in.

Snake Plant

Snake plants have been known to filter out a plethora of nasty chemicals in the air, leaving your workspace smelling nice and fresh. Besides looking cool, the snake plant is a low-maintenance plant known for surviving droughts. This makes it perfect for newbies, who may forget to water for a day or two.


Referred to as “the cubicle plant”, pothos is the perfect office plant. This plant is super easy to grow and requires little to no attention. All this plant needs is a little attention here and there which is easily handled by a plant watering service like ours. And like the snake plant, the pothos filters benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

Plant Watering Service Made Easy

Billy Heroman’s is a full-service plant and floral providers for your business. We offer a weekly plant watering service that includes soil testing and plant maintenance to keep your plants looking better than ever. Contact us to learn more about our plant watering services. If you have any questions about the services we offer, do not hesitate to call us at 225-272-9051 or reach out online. Let’s help your office look better than ever!