Are you interested in getting plants but are on the fence? Maybe you’re worried it’s not a worthwhile investment. Or, perhaps you’re concerned no one is up to taking on the task of watering and caring for them. We fully support bringing more plants into your office for a variety of reasons. And, to address your worries, a plant watering service could make the decision even easier.

Benefits Of Having Plants In The Office

Plants can improve any room or office. Plants in your home or workplace not only add to the aesthetic value of interior space. The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, reported even more benefits. An article summarized a study revealing plants’ benefits over 18 months. Researchers brought plants into offices at the amount of one plant per square meter. The greenery was arranged so that everyone could see a plant from their desk. Results were very positive when compared to sparsely decorated offices with no plants. Conclusions included takeaways such as:  

  • Improved work performance among employees
  • Increased employee’s memory retention
  • Higher scores on basic tests
  • More psychological engagement
  • Happier employees         

Plant Watering Service

To sum it up, science supports having plants at your business! Are you sold on the idea of getting more green for the office? Since plants are living things, they do require some assistance to stay alive. The work they require might be the only downside to surrounding yourself with flora. However, just like you can outsource your technology maintenance, you can outsource your plant maintenance.

Making It Easy

A plant watering service can guarantee your workplace greenery’s long life. Once enlisted, staff will come on a regular basis to water, fertilize, and clean. They’ll keep an eye out for disease and insects to ensure your plants are always a benefit—not a nuisance—inside and out.

Serving South Louisiana

Billy Heroman’s is one of the most trusted names in Louisiana plantscaping. For more than 60 years, our family has been the state’s leading plant service provider. We’re dedicated to beautifying and improving residential and commercial interiors through plants, flowers, and decorations. Our locations span Louisiana to serve businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Billy Heroman’s Office Plantscaping

Billy Heroman’s can be a full-service plant and floral providers for your business. We can also be your source for holiday decorations and floral design services. Contact us to learn more about our plant watering service. You’ll be joining our thousands of satisfied customers. One long-time hotelier client recently said, “After years of outstanding service we know it’s the team at Billy Heroman’s whose talent, hard work and dedication created a beautiful, award-winning design, which they have perfectly maintained for more than 20 years.”