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Bringing Beauty to Your Business

Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping team designs, installs, and maintains indoor and outdoor plants for many of the largest and most unique office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and businesses throughout Louisiana. While working with Billy Heroman’s, your facility will be filled with high-impact, strategically placed plant designs that are carefully maintained and serviced to ensure that your space always looks its best.

Why include plants and flowers inside a building?

  • Plants and flowers make a lasting impact from the moment they are noticed, leaving a great first impression.
  • A first impression is the most important tool you can utilize to make the customers experience a memorable one.
  • Plants create a statistically happier and less stressful work environment. Therefore increasing creativity and productivity.
  • Research shows that the benefits of landscape include the company’s bottom line, with a return on investment in excess of 250% for dollars spent on plantscaping.
  • Studies have proven that stores with trees, flowers and plants have customers who are willing to shop longer, more frequently, and willing to pay 12% more for goods and services.
  • Plants clean and filter the indoor air we breathe
  • Plantscreate a warm environment, which keeps customers coming back.

We Offer the Following Products & Services

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Interior Landscapes

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Exterior Container Gardens

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