Want to improve the look and feel of your home or create an impressive workspace? Plantscaping is a term you should familiarize yourself with. What is plantscaping? It’s a process that involves placing plants in an area to transform the look and feel of interior space. Discover more about plantscaping and see why it might be the best choice for you. 

What is Plantscaping?

Plantscaping is the intentional and strategic arrangement of plants in an indoor or outdoor space. Plantscaping involves the design, selection, and installation of plants to create welcoming and beautiful spaces. When done properly, plantscaping can completely transform an area, improving the visual appeal of the space.


Benefits of Plantscaping

The benefits of plantscaping depend on your goal. Of course, having plants and flowers inside of your office does more than provide a touch of color. Indoor plants are proven to improve your mood and energy levels. They also improve air quality. Studies have also shown that indoor plants improve employee morale.

One of the main benefits of plantscaping is that it allows homeowners or building owners to reinvent their space. You can completely transform a once dull or empty space into something breathtaking.

What’s Involved in Plantscaping Services? 

  • Design: Plantscaping isn’t all about pretty colors and greenery—it’s about emphasizing the interior of your space. The initial process involves analyzing the space and developing a design concept. Your team will create a unique design for your area that highlights its architecture and creates unique focal points.
  • Selection: Once the design is ready, the next step is plant selection. This part of the process requires a professional who understands both the space in question and the type of plants that will work best. They will take access to the area into account, and the amount of natural light. They even look at existing soil composition. Then, they choose the right plants to fit these parameters. This creates a unique plantscape that fits the space and tolerates the existing conditions.
  • Setup: Finally, the team will set up and install your plants. This involves preparing and positioning the containers and, of course, planting. The team will then take steps to ensure watering and maintenance are in place.

Where Can You Do It?

Plantscaping isn’t limited to large entryways in commercial buildings. You can develop a plantscape just about anywhere with the right team. The process can be done as a part of an interior design plan for a home or office, or for an outdoor balcony garden. If you have a space that could use a green touch, we can help. 

Care and Maintenance

If you can’t maintain plants on your own, you can hire us to maintain the plants for you. When you work with our professional team, we work with you to develop a maintenance routine. This care plan helps you keep plants healthy and looking good as long as possible. 

Interested in Plantscaping Services?

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