Believe it or not, plants can bring numerous benefits to your office environment. Not only do plants enhance an overall ambiance in the workspace, but they also stimulate a stress-free environment with a more relaxed atmosphere in the office. Offices with greenery make your workspace more visually appealing, thus creating a positive impact with not only your employees but your clients too! Here are five great plantscaping ideas to better complement your office space from the plantscaping experts of Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping.

1. Green Walls + Moss Walls = Living Art

Adding a living green wall to your workspace is a great way to enhance your aesthetic and add a positive impact on your employee’s well-being. Not only do green walls add a pop of natural art to your office, but they better help purify your air quality and can even help regulate the temperatures in your workspace

On the other hand, moss walls are also a great form of wall art because one can use moss for many different designs. The moss can be used to create company logos, designs, and even different slogans for your company’s needs. 

2. Botanical Corner or Relaxation Space 

Do you ever catch yourself needing to take a break from office work but don’t know where to go? A Botanical corner or relaxation space is the perfect place to go to if you need a place to relax. In fact, studies show that office plants reduce stress! By adding a variety of different plants from Billy Heromans Plantscaping, we are able to create your office’s own tranquil space where you are able to debrief during a long day of stressful work. 

3. Plant Screens or Room Dividers 

Installing large potted plants or plant partitions in your workspace can create natural screens or dividers in your office space. These visual appeals form a room of privacy in a more natural and tranquil setting. Plants such as bamboo palms and tall ferns are great examples of plants that create a barrier but still bring in that natural light and freshness you need for your office.

4. Potted Plants & Desk Plants

Being surrounded by a plain, dull workspace can be boring! A small potted plant is a perfect option for you if you are interested in adding a small touch of nature to your office desk. You can also use potted plants to fill bookcases and shelves. 

Try mixing and matching various shapes and sizes to create a unique color arrangement. Small potted plants such as a Peace Lily, Pothos, Bamboo plant, Snake Plant, and even a Chinese evergreen are perfect examples of low-maintenance and classy pot plants. Succulent plants are also a popular choice for individuals because of their low-maintenance, complex shapes, and trendy aesthetic. 

5. Hanging Plants 

Do you work in a cramped or small office where you don’t think you have room for plants? Consider hanging plants from your ceiling! This brings greenery and visual appeal from higher spaces without cluttering limited floor space. Ceiling plants such as a string of pearls, trailing ivory, or pothos are great examples of what our plantscaping company can design for you!

We Can Help Design Your Interior Space 

If you are searching for plantscaping ideas for your office space this summer, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can transform your space into the green space of your dreams. With our help, we can not only transform your office into a more inviting and appealing space but help with plant maintenance as well! Let us help you brighten your summer season. Contact us at 225-272–ROSE (9051) or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!