No matter the time of year, plants and flowers are a fantastic addition to any business office. Clients and employees alike enjoy their presence. At Billy Heroman’s, we work with many businesses and offices to create relaxing environments with our houseplants. But when the eye-catching plants in your office inspire you to grow your own indoor plants, you might realize you don’t have a green thumb. Before you start your indoor garden, we have a few plant maintenance tips for you!

Benefits Of Houseplants

We often talk about the benefits plants create for workplaces. But our stress doesn’t always go away because you clock out. It’s more likely that you face a whole new set of stressors at home, too. And while plants won’t solve all the world’s problems, they can help you tackle them with a clear mind

Your indoor plants are positive sources of energy for the entire family! Studies have shown that plants:

  • Decrease fatigue 
  • Boost mood
  • Increase memory 
  • Increase concentration and attention

It’s even shown that plant-filled rooms contain 50-60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. This means that higher amounts of houseplants can help maintain your family’s physical health, including cold symptoms.

Choosing Your Plants

Houseplants are very different from garden plants. There are a couple of things to remember when you choose your new indoor plants:

  1. Even if your home welcomes a lot of natural light, it can’t compare to the direct light outside. High-light plants won’t do as well as you may hope. Medium-light plants can do well on your window sills. For other areas, you’ll want low-light plants. If you found these plants in the wild, these are the kind that would live at the very bottom of the forests. 
  2. Seek plants with slow growth rates. You don’t have to worry about cutting them back often so they are less intrusive in your homes.
  3. If you have pets, always check the ASPCA for poisonous plants. 


Caring For Your Plants

Knowing the plants you can have in your home is the first step. But once you have them, how do you take care of them? 

  1. Keep your plants away from AC units, heating units, and anywhere else the temperature experiences sharp changes. 
  2. Don’t overwater your plants. Fungus and bacteria will suffocate them or make them sick. 
  3. If the soil is dry within two inches of the surface, then you provide water. So you need to check your plants’ soil often to keep then healthy. If the dirt is pulling away from the edge of the pot, the roots are dehydrated, stressed, and possibly damaged. 
  4. Indoor plants need regular fertilizing because they don’t get the nutrients available outside. Fertilize once a month during the blooming season.

Cats seem to obsess with eating houseplants. And, of course, placing them in high places doesn’t keep them away as it will from dogs. The easiest way is vet recommended, over the counter sprays or a vinegar-water mixture (one part vinegar three parts water). Spray your plants’ leaves to reduce their temptation!

Plant Maintenance Business Proposals

Taking care of your plants at home can be easy. But you shouldn’t have to worry about your plant maintenance at work, too! Our expert team will take care of all your plant maintenance needs. Contact Billy Heroman’s today for a proposal request to begin.