Summer has finally arrived, and the flowers and plants are in full bloom. But if you can’t go outside to enjoy them while you’re working inside—bring the garden in too! Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. Our team of professionals is here to help. With interior landscape architecture services by Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, you and your employees can enjoy the relaxing environment only natural plants can create.

Plants Are For Everyone

You may think interior plants are only for well-lit buildings, and your workplace isn’t a good environment for them. Well, think again! We understand that you need a bit of natural greenery, no matter what your workspace is like. After all, live plants are scientifically shown to be sources of happiness and calm—something we could all use at work! So let us work with you to create an interior garden that makes you feel great while meeting your building’s requirements. So trust in our expert horticulturalists to create beautiful plant designs for your building by working with you. 

Are you curious about what your new work plants could be like? We’ll give you a hint: Common indoor plants include pothos varieties, philodendrons, snake plant, jade, zebra haworthia, aloe, orchids, and the list goes on. Your interior landscape architecture can include green walls, indoor plantings, atrium design, moss walls and living art, and colorful arrangements, and seasonal rotations. 

All plantlife can be used to create beautiful designs and an innovative way to add fun to your office. Some workspaces allow us to incorporate color schemes with flowers in your designs. Your flowers could even reflect your brand’s color. What a unique way to make your office stand out to your visitors!


Plants Have Special Requirements

We call our team “designers” for a reason. You see, plants grow wherever they want, so if you don’t place them correctly, they often grow in your way. After spending time around them, you and your staff may not notice unkempt potted plants. But, a guest will notice them like a sore thumb, especially if they are tripping over the leaves. Our horticulturalists and designers are experts at the layout and make sure they fit around your workspace. Because you deserve to be happy and also be comfortable.

Indoor plants are picky and have special lighting and water requirements that make maintaining them quite tricky. All our interior plant architecture services proposals include plant maintenance options for your convenience and ease. Maintenance includes exact watering, fertilization, cleaning, insect, and disease control. We guarantee that your plants will remain beautiful and healthy, or we will replace them at no extra cost.

Let Them Grow

Bring the best part about summer inside this year—without the heat! Billy Heroman’s is here to help make your workspace beautiful and enjoyable with our interior plant architecture services. We do work throughout all south Louisiana so you can find a convenient location to serve you. Request a proposal today and get ready for a beautiful green office!