While Shreveport isn’t blanketed in snow like other parts of the country, the winter weather still has an influence on your mood and day-to-day life. Your indoor Shreveport plantscaping is no different. It is common to assume that indoor plants are protected from winter weather. In reality, factoring in winter is vital to maintaining your indoor Shreveport plantscaping successfully. Here are five easy tips to have your plantscaping thriving this winter. 

Keep the Temperature Moderate 

Just like us, most plants are sensitive to cold air. Sadly, your plants can’t throw on an extra layer when they get a chill. Maintaining your building’s insulation and keeping the thermostat at a warm temperature will go a long way with plantscaping upkeep. Placing them away from windows and exits will prevent them from getting shocked by gusts of icy wind. 

That being said, you likewise need to keep them away from sources of heat like fireplaces and heaters. Blasts of hot and cold air are equally damaging to plant health. In brief, it is best to keep them secure at a moderate temperature. 

Follow The Sunlight

Daylight savings time leaves all creatures yearning for the sunlight. It is critical to utilize the hours of sun to assure your landscaping receives enough nutrients despite the shorter days. Rotating your pots and conscious arrangements are great ways to successfully tend to your plantscaping. To be confident your plantscaping is receiving adequate nutrients, you could invest in an LED grow light

Create A Winter Watering Schedule 

Even if we have domesticated houseplants, they naturally go dormant during the colder months. This means they react to the loss of light by decreasing growth. Dormancy can also have some plants shedding leaves. So, no need to worry if your plantscaping drops a few leaves. Since they don’t need to sustain growth, the amount of water and fertilizer plants demand also reduces. In light of this, you need to be mindful not to overwater your plantscaping. It is recommended that you follow normal watering patterns but be mindful of moisture levels in the soil. Over-saturated soil leads to root rot, fungus, molds, and plenty of undesirable complications. 

Luckily, Louisiana has a naturally humid climate, regardless of the season. This is one danger Shreveport plantscaping professionals seldom have to worry about. However, on the off chance of dry air in your building, investing in a humidifier would be wise. 

Regularly Scan For Pests

As temperatures drop in Shreveport, wildlife will seek warmth indoors in your plantscaping. Make sure to monitor for signs of pest infestation to prevent beloved plantscaping from turning into a snack. As soon as you spot pests, isolate the infected plant, and treat it as necessary to avoid a massive outbreak. 

Clear Away Dust

While this isn’t only something to practice in the chillier months, dusting the leaves of your indoor plants should be done regularly. Otherwise, the sunlight may become blocked as dust accumulates on the leaves. Outdoor plants depend on rainfall, but your indoor plants depend on you to keep them nice and clean. 

Want Professional Help? Hire Billy Heroman for Plantscaping in Shreveport 

If you are too booked to keep up with your plantscaping this season or simply lack a green thumb, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping in Shreveport can work with you to provide dedicated plantscaping maintenance this winter and beyond! Call us today at 225-272-9051 (7673) to discuss your options with one of our plant designers today! You can also use our website to message us. We look forward to hearing from you!