The sign of a good business owner is when business is booming, you’re still trying to improve yourself. And we agree, there’s always room for improvement! With this in mind, are you interested in attracting clients and increasing the productivity of employees? An office plant service could be the answer. Office plants do more than just look pretty, they can have a beneficial psychological effect. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping just so happens to be the best in the industry, so what are you waiting for? Get started on making your office better for everyone.

How An Office Plant Service Benefits Your Employees And Customers

Humans are born with the desire to be near plants and this desire doesn’t lessen with time. But with our concrete jungles and barren workspaces, it can be difficult to find joy in plants like we want to. Using an office plant service makes your space friendlier to clients and adds a nice splash of color. However, plants in your workspace don’t only attract the attention of clients, they help employees do their job.

When it comes to employees, plants do a good job of encouraging better, more detailed work. These benefits come from placing a plant in the line of sight of each worker:

  • Reducing sickness
  • Increasing productivity
  • Cleaner air
  • Reducing noise

And there are many more than just these. Due to plants’ importance to our health, it’s not good to stay away for too long. But if you can’t get outside more, bring the plants inside to you!

Further Benefits With Color Psychology

We are also influenced by the colors in our life. Colorful plants in an office setting beat back boredom and give energetic energy. Plants most commonly feature these colors:

  • Green: The most abundant color in plants. But don’t underestimate it! Rich greens incite feelings of calm, removing work-related stress.
  • Red: Choosing a plant or flower with a bright shade of red is great for sleepy environments. Red brings forth energy and confidence in your work. 
  • Yellow: This color gives us a sense of energy and optimism. Feeling good about your work makes better work!
  • Purple: Soothing and inspiring. Purple is a mysterious color that stirs our imagination. Given that, these plants work wonders in creative jobs!

These common plant colors are only a fraction of the amount out there! Nature in the workplace, reduces stress and creates better work at the same time. So improve your office today!

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