A common New Year’s resolution is to connect more with nature. Adding plants to your home or office is a great way to incorporate more greenery. However, ensuring your plants stay hydrated can be challenging at the start of a busy year. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping explores what a plant watering service cost and how they can help your plants flourish this year.

How Much Does a Plant Water Service Cost?

There are a variety of factors that influence the price of a plant watering service. These include the type and number of plants and the additional services provided by your plantscaper. With that in mind, a plant watering service can cost anywhere from $100-$700. However, you can always talk to plant specialists to pinpoint the exact price of the service for your unique needs. 

How Does It Work?

Billy Heroman’s plant watering service begins with an assessment of your plants and their environment. Our specialists use this information to create a personalized care plan to track your plant’s nourishment. After everything is in place, our technicians will perform regular maintenance visits. 

Why Is It Important?

All plants require unique levels of moisture to thrive. However, for new additions, finding this balance can be tricky. Foliage may need to acclimate when transplanted to a new environment. New plants may require a deep soaking schedule that should wean off over the next few seasons. Working with a plant technician takes the guesswork out of plant hydration, giving you more time to enjoy your greenery. 

Why Use Maintenance Services?

Ever dealt with wilting flowers despite following their care recommendations? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Each plant has distinct needs, so simply watering your greenery might not be enough. After comparing plant watering service costs, check that your plantscaper offers full maintenance services. Below is a list of plant care services provided by Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping.

  • Watering: Plants need water just like us!
  • Fertilizing: Pair a big sip of water with healthy soil and a steady stream of essential nutrients. 
  • Insect Control: Our licensed technicians protect plants with insecticide to keep them blooming.
  • Disease Control: Plants get sick too. Billy Heroman’s experts check for viruses, bacteria, and fungi that might damage plants.
  • Cleaning: Dust accumulation can prevent plants from getting proper sunlight. Our technicians keep your greens tidy and healthy!
  • Quality Control: Billy Heroman’s team conducts regular quality checks to ensure your plants are at their best!

With all our services combined, you can enjoy your plantscaping without the hassle of plant care. 

Make the Most of Your Greenery!

While staying hydrated is straightforward for humans, ensuring plants receive adequate water can be a more complex task. The costs associated with professional plant watering services are influenced by factors such as the specific plant type and its environment. Collaborating with a seasoned plantscaping company like Billy Heroman’s enables you to enhance the well-being of your greenery. Reach out to us today via phone at (225) 272-9051 or message us online!