Plant maintenance may seem like an effortless task on the surface. After all, what does it really take to keep plants healthy, right? For many business owners, maintaining office plants can go from bringing a bit of nature and beauty into the office to “why are all of these plants dead?” very quickly. When it comes down to it, you want your office to feel welcoming to your customers and staff. But maintaining plants often comes second (or twelfth) to doing business. That’s why many businesses hire a professional plant watering service to keep their office plants alive and kicking.

Why Do You Need a Plant Watering Service?

Between staff meetings and everything else you deal with, the absolute last thing on your mind is whether the plants have been watered this week. The unfortunate downside to running a busy, successful business is that office aesthetics often fall by the wayside. This often means routine facility maintenance or plant watering services.

When you hire a professional plant watering service to maintain your office plants, you can have peace of mind knowing that not only will your business run successfully, but will look great at the same time!


What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Professional?

Even the most low maintenance office plants seem like an easy chore when you first purchase them. But when it comes to office plants, especially in a large facility, it quickly becomes an overlooked maintenance task that can have a pretty detrimental impact on your business when you’re bringing customers to your office. Fortunately, hiring a professional plant water service can help you out in more ways than you might realize.

  1. Reduce Stress & Improve Staff Morale: Plants do a lot more for your office than you might realize. They have been shown to reduce stress amongst workers, helping to reduce both tension and anxiety, as well as improve worker morale. Despite the study being small, it clearly shows that even a small amount of the outdoors can help improve your office. And with a professional team to handle the upkeep, it’s a win-win situation for the entire team.
  2. Increase Productivity: A 2014 study showed that even adding just a few plants to your office can increase productivity. By hiring a plant watering service to maintain your office plants, you can not only increase productivity in your workplace by adding a few plants, but you can eliminate the need for your staff to maintain them.
  3. No More Replacing Dead Plants: The benefits of having plants in your office are pretty well proven. But when it comes to maintaining them, most offices fall flat. Many have tried to keep up with office plants to bring in a bit of green, but ultimately end up spending more on replacing the plants as they die. And nobody likes dead, sad plants. With a low-cost maintenance routine, ensure your plants will stay healthy and well maintained, so they last much longer than before. Get your money’s worth with the professionals at Billy Heroman’s.

Tired of Brown Plants? Contact Our Professionals!

Taking care of your plants in your office can be easy, especially when you don’t have to do it yourself. Stop worrying about plant maintenance, and let us take care of it for you! Our expert team will take care of all your plant maintenance needs. Contact Billy Heroman’s today for a proposal request to begin.