Did you know one-third of the average American’s life is spent at work—that’s about 90,000 hours at work over during one lifetime. It only makes sense that the quality of your office has a huge impact on your employees’ quality of life. The physical office plays an important role in providing a healthy workplace. Updating the aesthetic of your office could be key to a healthier lifestyle, especially for older offices. That’s why at our location in Houma, office plants are some of our favorite products!

Turn On The Lights

Before you liven up your workspace with our Houma office plants, reflect on how you currently use light to your advantage. It’s important to arrange your furniture so that your employees will soak in the natural light that windows provide. Our circadian rhythm is based on the dark and light cycles of our natural environment. This means that our bodies are made to follow the natural cycles created by the sun. So when we’re disrupted by artificial lighting, it causes us to experience a lower quality of life. Studies show that people working in offices with many windows and natural lighting have a higher quality of sleep and increased physical health and energy. Fluorescent lights often lead to eye strain, migraines, symptoms of seasonal depression, increased stress, and agoraphobia (anxiety disorder).

However, it’s not always possible or practical to use natural lighting to illuminate your entire office. Sometimes artificial lighting is necessary, however, there are ways to use high-quality light or diminish the effects of low-quality fluorescent light. Consider using “full-spectrum”, “daylight spectrum”, or incandescent lightbulbs that have better color temperatures than fluorescent. If that’s not an option, try using full-spectrum light filters or fixture lenses to alter the temperature the fluorescent lights emit.

Producing Positivity Through Potted Plants

Now that you have great lighting, use it to your advantage with the best Houma office plants from Billy Heroman’s! While there are plants that grow in low light, an abundance of natural lighting and high-quality lighting will help your office plants grew full and beautiful. We’ve said it before, but we just can’t stress enough how great they are for increased office productivity! With their color, smell, and the oxygen they create, plants produce amazing psychological benefits for us. Studies show that they increase productivity by 15% and reduce tension and anxiety by 37%, depression by 58%, hostility by 44%, and fatigue by 38%. 

No one likes a stuffy office. Certain plants offer great aromas that you’ll want to take advantage of. Be sure to place these in areas with circulation. Ensure your office has a pleasant feeling for the sake of everyone.

Let Us Take Care Of It

With the holidays around the corner, we know you have a lot going on! At Billy Heroman’s we not only provide you with the right Houma office plants, but we provide plant maintenance to ensure they stay healthy and beautiful! Reach us at 504-832-9999 ext. 5002 or contact us online to start creating an office that your employees deserve.