Working the ol’ nine to five can really wear you down. Dealing with the same bland walls isn’t good for your health. Not to mention, a boring workspace affects your overall job performance. It’s time to think about interior plant design!
Billy Heroman’s knows that decorating your office space with plants will get you out of that rut. Healthier, happier staff members will only lead to a more successful company. So why not choose to liven things up?

Reduce Stress and Sickness

It’s become a social norm to assume that work will automatically become a stressful place. However, choosing interior plant design could help combat this daily stress.

Having plants around the office reduces large amounts of negative feelings. In addition to helping with mental ailments, plants also increase your stamina. Because you see, plants create oxygen and remove harmful carbon dioxide. And so, our bodies also become healthier with the cleaner air they produce.

These aren’t the only ways plants help you. Using colorful plants not only brightens up the office but has lasting effects on your staff. Flowers and plants can also aid in your work by:

  • Increasing Creativity
  • Reducing Noise
  • Increasing Productivity


Add Some Color To The Office

When stuck in the same office for eight or nine hours a day, five days a week, it can be pretty boring in the long run. However, some may find it difficult to add color to their workspace. Good thing office plants are a nice, easy option.

Some studies find that colors such as beige or grey can incite feelings of depression and dread in people. In the workplace, this can make everyday tasks just a bit harder. The same study also found that natural colors create positivity in people.

For example, mellow greens and blues lead to improved focus and efficiency. And on the other hand, yellow and red causes one to gain more energy. Adding these hues in with the use of plants will not only give your office a splash of color but will have lasting effects on your staff.  

Interior Plant Design Creates Better Spaces

Billy Heroman’s has the freshest flowers in southern Louisiana. Healthy plants in your office can increase productivity in your staff. They also have a hand in decreasing their stress and anxiety. Having healthy workers can only create a better company. Interested in our interior plant design? You can call us at 225-272-9051, find us at any of our locations across eight different cities, or contact us here. Also, make sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook and watch out for special deals and news! Create a brighter, more energetic workplace.