Slidell Plants Need Help

Slidell businesses, events, and outdoor spaces often need to rent plants, but they also require maintenance. The atmosphere and weather is not always the most hospitable for just leaving plants untouched.

Plant maintenance is necessary and it has to be done right if you want to maintain the fresh, green, lovely look you’re going for. However, we also recognize that Slidell plant maintenance needs to be affordable for customers. We’ve worked to achieve a synthesis of high quality service and low cost.

Slidell Plant Maintenance At A Reasonable Price

Billy Heroman’s Plants has a great reputation in Slidell, Louisiana, and across the north shore because of our ability to provide Slidell plant maintenance at an affordable price. This has been key to maintaining the relationships we have in place.

Why Plant Rental Makes Sense

Often, renting plants in Slidell makes more sense than buying them outright. Whether it’s for a Christmas service at a large church or for the plants in a corporate office, Billy Heroman’s Plants can deliver the plants, perform regular, scheduled, maintenance on them, and pick them up when all is done. We’re capable of creating plantscaping solutions for any situation, event, or setting. We have experience in the field and ability to be flexible about how we go about plantscaping.

Remember, studies have proven that stores with trees, flowers, and plants have customers who are willing to shop longer and more frequently. Companies with plants indoors create a less stressful and happier work environment for all.

Renting Plants in Slidell

At Billy Heroman’s Plants in Slidell, we know how important it is to be fully informed on what’s going on. So, we encourage you to contact us and ask us questions about what plantscaping consists of, what your role is, and how much it will cost. Contact us for any plant maintenance or rental needs at 225-272-9051 or seek a quote from us.