Staying inside for eight or more hours a day can make you feel lethargic and sometimes unhappy. We crave nature’s elements for beauty, energy, and positivity in our day-to-day lives. Since 1955, Billy Heroman’s Plants has worked to make our community a more exciting place with our interior plant design services. Let us help you reach new heights with the right plant layout!

Fulfilling Your Vision

What are you hoping to achieve with your indoor plants? Do you want to create a warm welcome for your customers? How about helping your employees relax while they work? Or do you want your workplace to feel luxurious and high-end? Different tree species, foliage, and blooming varieties come together to create a larger image. With our extensive knowledge and experience, it’s easy to choose the right plants for your workplace. Whatever your mission is, let us know, and we will create an interior plant design to achieve it. Our experienced horticulturists can account for every detail when choosing your plant designs. 

Watering, Feeding, Staying Alive

Everyone loves plants. Outdoor and indoor plantscapes alike, their beauty brings us happiness and relaxation. But their daily maintenance is difficult—and making them flourish is another story! All the specific knowledge about lighting, watering, soil levels, etc. is too much to worry about when you’re running a company. 

Our professional services include ongoing plant maintenance. Thanks to our experience, we guarantee your plants will stay healthy and attractive. We take care of watering, fertilizing, insect and pest controls, and cleaning. And any plant that doesn’t thrive, we replace at no extra cost. No one knows how to make your indoor plants flourish better than us!

Producing Productive Results

Although nature grows where it wants, you have a business to run, and those limbs can’t get in the way. The most important goal is maintaining workplace productivity.  Poor planning causes a disruption, making your employees and guests maneuver through an indoor jungle! The right plant design works for your office. Our interior plant design services can combine the best of both worlds. 

Your perfectly chosen flowers and plants are sure to make your workplace beautiful. But what if your plants could increase your productivity, too? Our horticulturists can help with that! Research shows us that our cognitive ability improves when nature’s elements surround us. That means that by viewing plants, trees, water, etc. while at work can reduce stressors and put us in a better mood. With less mind clutter, imagine what your employees can accomplish?


Interior Plant Designs Your Workplace Deserves

Getting started is easy! Simply fill out a request proposal and let us know what you want to create for your workplace. With eight locations, we have the freshest flowers you can find in southern Lousiana. Our team can’t wait to create the bright and exciting workplace your company deserves.

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