New Orleans’ Outdoor Plants

New Orleans has often been called the northern most point of the Caribbean, so it is natural to walk around the city and see various fauna and plant-life that people elsewhere in the United States might not see. It also means that these plants are usually accustomed to increased rainfall and almost-tropical weather. However the plants outside of offices, restaurants, or other public locations are not intended to withstand the winds and rain generated by a hurricane. We have seen that time and time again.

Making Hurricane Preparations For Outdoor Plants

People often wait until the last minute to make hurricane preparations. This is not just applicable to outdoor plants in New Orleans, but to every aspect of hurricane preparedness. We are all so used to hurricanes that we don’t truly make a move toward preparedness until we have to. We all know the feeling of getting prepared and battening down the hatches only for “hurricane day” to be nothing but blue skies.

One of the things you can do before a hurricane ever threatens the coast is to ensure that your outdoor plants are installed at the right depth and in good health. There is no stronger indicator of whether a plant is going to survive a storm than its health.

Place a special focus on trees before a storm ever rears its head. If a tree has dead branches and falling limbs already, it’s going to cause damage when a real storm blows through. Any large tree that is one-sided or leaning heavily should be paid special attention to as well.

Smaller Plants Need Preparation, Too

Smaller plants need protection in a way that trees do not. Consider staking any smaller trees or bushes, to help them to stay rooted in the high winds. Often, it is recommended that people pot their most precious plants and bring them indoors. This can be a great deal of work, though.

If you have an active plantscape at your office be sure to clean up around the area. Leaving hanging baskets, tools, outdoor furniture, container plants, etc., can cause serious damage to the plants you leave out and about. Potted and hanging plants should be moved indoors, not only to save the plants, but also to prevent any damage they could cause.

New Orleans Office Plants: After The Storm

After a major storm has passed through, the process is not over. There are a lot of things that can be done to salvage or improve the lives of plants that remained outside. This includes straightening, resetting, and staking any small trees or tall shrubs that survived.

It might seem counter-productive, but watering the lawn can be very important after a hurricane especially. Salt water has often been brought in by the hurricane, so it can be important to provide freshwater to the plants as soon as possible.

If large amounts of rainfall have occurred and you have a flower bed or plant bed with mulch in it, it is recommended that you remove the mulch because it can contain so much water that the roots rot and the plant dies. The mulch can be replaced later on, once it is drier outside.

Billy Heroman’s Plants has a wealth of experience in dealing with hurricane preparedness for New Orleans office plants. If you need our help with office or outdoor plants, before or after a hurricane, contact us at 225-272-9051.