Renting plants for your next New Orleans event is a great way to wow your guests. The right New Orleans plant rentals offer an unforgettable experience for your celebration at an affordable cost. And with our services, there are plant rental options available for a variety of occasions ranging from casual to elegant. 

In New Orleans, the right plant rentals from Billy Heroman’s can provide recommendations appropriate for your venue and event. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the experience knowing that everything is taken care of and will look incredible. 

Learn more about all the benefits of renting plants for your next event from Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping—one of Louisiana’s leading horticultural firms with expertise in both the floral and plantscaping industries.

Why You Should Rent Plants for Your Next Event 

There are so many benefits to renting your plants from Billy Heroman’s. Renting plants instead of purchasing them removes a considerable amount of hassle and worry, allowing you to cherish every moment of your event instead of worrying about planning.

Our plant professionals are ready to install and maintain a wide variety of plants and decor for customers across Louisiana. These include fresh florals, event decor, and plant rentals. The benefits of plant rentals include being budget-friendly, low maintenance, local, and memorable. 

Budget Friendly 

Plant rentals are much more affordable and cost-efficient when decorating for your event. For a short-term event such as a wedding, family reunion, holiday party, etc.—rentals can make the most sense. Renting helps you achieve the look and feel you want for your event at a much more affordable rate.

Need help deciding what plants are best for your occasion and fits your budget? A professional is ready to recommend the type of plants that work best for your occasion and provide the ideal options for your budget.

Hassle-Free Event Setup

With plant rentals, there’s no need to worry about setting up or taking down the plants before and after your event. And, of course, when you rent there’s no added stress of maintaining them. Not all of us are plant whisperers. So call the professionals to handle it instead.

This will allow you to be stress-free and enjoy your event to the fullest. 

Different Plants for Different Occasions

One of the main benefits of renting plants is the amazing access to plants for any type of event, no matter how big or small. And not all events are the same! A New Orleans wedding might have soft colors. On the other hand, an office party might call for leafy greens and bright colors.  Further, you can often get access to plants that are difficult to find with help from the right professional. So if you want to make a statement, a pro might be able to help!

Beautiful and Memorable 

Whenever you have an event, you want your guests to remember it for years to come. Thankfully, plants can transform nearly any space into something gorgeous and stunning. Renting plants for your next event is sure to have all your guests captivated by the environment. 

Our professionals are ready to have your guests remember our unique and customized plants, floral arrangements, and other decorations. Discover how we can help you at Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping. 

Find Plant Rentals for Your Next New Orleans Event at Billy Heroman’s

If you are looking to bring your next celebration in the New Orleans area to life, contact Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping. We are a family-owned and operated company with several floral retail locations. This way, we can help more business owners create beautiful landscapes to impress and dazzle!

Your next New Orleans plant rentals from Billy Heroman’s is sure to impress your guests and create beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Discover more and see how we can help you!