Office plants increase productivity. This is not a theory, but a fact that has been proven in studies. Yes, that means you can beautify your office while improving productivity up to 15% according to official studies. Those aren’t the only benefits, but they certainly make it easier to buy into plantscaping.

If you’re considering investing in office plants in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, or anywhere else in Louisiana, you should consider giving us a call so we can discuss the benefits. But, we can outline the basics for you.

Happiness & Morale

When it comes to keeping employees happy, there is very little that more important than their surroundings. There are many other factors in play that are outside of a business owners control, but the decor is very much a variable they can control. Studies, like the one linked above, show that plants in an office can significantly improve the morale of office staff.

Think about it? Has anyone ever been spurred to work harder or be more productive by a cubicle, black walls, or fluorescent lighting? No, probably not. But, just a few plants in the office can dramatically improve the mood in almost any office.

Office Plants Increase Productivity

As the link above states, studies have found productivity can be improved by an average of 15% by placing office plants in a building that previously lacked them. It makes perfect sense because of all the other reasons on this list. Ultimately, a work environment that is more pleasant in every aspect is going to result in better productivity.

Healthy Air

Office plants clean what is often considered stale air in an office setting. Cleaner air makes for better, healthier, happier, more productive employees. NASA has studied this subject extensively and even determined which plants are better for this purpose.

Beautiful Space

Obviously, the most clear and immediate benefit of getting office plants for your business is that is beautifies the space. This not only helps employees, but visitors as well, to understand that the company is a place of comfort. After all, you do not want clients, partners, visitors, or prospective hires to consider the building cold or sterile.

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