What’s more inviting than greenery inside an office building? Employees can be greeted by sunflower blooms or canopies of crepe myrtles and customers can be welcomed by the smells of lavender or roses! We have all the New Orleans office plants you are looking for at Billy Heroman’s!

Many people know Billy Heroman’s Plants is one of the most popular local sources for office plants in New Orleans, but there is so much more to the service we provide! We’d like to also give you an inside look at the services you’ll obtain upon choosing to work with Billy Heroman’s Plant Services.

What Services Can You Expect For Your New Orleans Office Plants?

Billy Heroman’s offers a 360-degree plant maintenance service for customers. Upon hiring our team for your office plants, you will receive:

  1. Guaranteed Service: We value our customer’s plants so much that we will replace, at no additional cost to you, any plant that is no longer in a healthy condition. Our team will do its best to keep your office plants in pristine condition at all times.
  2. Watering: We understand how to predict the water levels each type of plant needs in a specific environment and we will return to water the beds accordingly on a routine basis.
  3. Fertilization: We maintain the fertilizers for your plants to make sure they are always as healthy as possible – we are even trained to perform soil tests for our larger plant beds.
  4. Insect and Disease Control: Our staff is licensed to perform any necessary maintenance with pesticides to prevent against insects or diseases. They are also knowledgeable on identifying diseases before they take control of the plant, with enough time to replace and not affect the soil.  
  5. Cleaning: Yes! We also clean your plants on a regular basis to make sure no dust or dirt settles on the leaves and increases the light exposure, thus increasing their lifespans!

To read more about the services we offer, please follow this link.

Get In Touch With Billy Heroman’s Team Today!

At Billy Heroman’s, plants are our passion. Our friendly staff are professionals in their fields – we have Horticulturists and ALCA (Associated Landscape Contractors of America) Certified Landscape Technicians at your service. These team members are trained experts in interior plants in business environments and your building’s project could be next!

If you’re interested in connecting with us about New Orleans office plants, give us a call at (225) 272-9051 (225-272-7673) or fill out this contact form for a free quote today!