As the months go on, the air grows warmer, making it prime time for plants and flowers to grow. As a result, right now is the perfect time to plan on adding some office plants to your workspace. However, you might not be quite sure which plants are best for your space. Well, we believe the best place to start is by looking at the most popular! The popularity of plants—as does everything else—comes and goes with the seasons. That’s why it’s always best to be the early bird and get the worm before the season is out.

Suggestions For Your Office Space

As resident plant experts in Louisiana, we have our own opinions of what plants are better than others. However, it’s not just us who have our opinions. Our current clients also have their favorites. As a result, we have “fan favorites” that tend to change with the seasons. At the moment, our most popular plants are:

  • Chinese Evergreen. A hearty plant that can survive a wide range of conditions. This bright green plant is sure to brighten up your drab walls.
  • European Garden Basket. This basket is a varied assortment of green and blooming plants, such as mums and cyclamen.
  • Succulent Gardens. If you’re looking for an “easy” beginner’s plant, we wholeheartedly suggest the Succulent Garden. They’re very popular among bloggers and designers. And, as cactuses, they require little water and moderate sunlight.

Maybe plants are a bit too… green for you. If you’re looking for something with a bit more color, we also have an array of flowers available. Currently, our most popular flowers are:

  • Mahalo. This tropical display uses birds of paradise and lush tropical foliage to give your space a healthy splash of color.
  • X’s and O’s. For that special someone or even to give yourself a bit of love. Hues of pink, purple, and red will create a bit of liveliness in your place of business.
  • Pink Elegance. A lovely assortment of pink roses. Each rose varies in size and color, giving you a pretty and pleasant view—and a nice aroma as well!

Office plants aren’t just decorations at work—they can be crucial for your mental and physical health as well. The added oxygen and vibrant colors are sure to pick up any drag your staff may feel.

Pick Up Your New Office Plants Today!

Billy Heroman’s has been serving southern Louisiana for over 60 years. You can find us in eight major cities in Louisiana. To get in touch with us, show up at one of our locations, call us at 225-272-9051, or contact us directly. Keeping your office space vibrant and stimulating is a difficult task. However, the right office plants and flowers can really work wonders for you and your staff. So, stop by a Billy Heroman’s today!