When you’re planning an event, there are many pieces to the puzzle to execute it successfully. There are guest lists, venue reservations, deposits, invitations, and that’s all leading up to the actual event. Once the big day comes, there are even more things to put in their place, such as decorations or favors, and sometimes it may include flowers or plants! If you’re looking for Lafayette plant maintenance for events, Billy Heroman’s Plants is the right choice!

Billy Heroman’s Lafayette Plant Maintenance Offerings:

Billy Heroman’s plants are great additions to events for your business, conventions, weddings, concerts, and other functions. Here are a few of the services you can expect to receive from us:

  • We have customized plant rentals to fit your event’s requirements.
  • We offer different sizes and types of plants.
  • Our staff is well known for their prompt delivery and pick-up.
  • Once delivered, you’ll receive expert set-up and staging at the venue.

What Plants Should You Rent For Your Event?

Popular plants for event rentals are:

  1. Weeping Fig – We suggest these plants to be used at the entrance to the event because of the dramatic drooping leaves and bold colors.
  2. Peace Lily – These lily plants are perfect for adding a special touch to your business’ event. With their beautiful white flowers, these plants are an easy fix to an otherwise bland table setting.
  3. Foxtail Palm – These statement plants are great to frame a stage or help to draw attention to a specific area.
  4. Janet Craig – Although small, these plants will help to liven up any intimate meeting or event. Additionally, these plants remove toxins from the air to help improve the air quality.
  5. White Bird of Paradise – With their large leaves, these make great plants for a big space. They also give you a sense of the tropics if that’s a theme you’re going for!


Contact Us Today For Your Lafayette Plant Maintenance Needs!

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