As an office manager, what are you doing to make your employees happy? It’s the little things that can bring us the most joy on a regular day. Office plants may seem small, but they produce great results! They may be finicky to care for, but you don’t have to worry about that with our professional help. Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping have been using expert interior plant design to put smiles on the faces of south Louisiana employees for more than 50 years! Of course, we won’t leave you guessing. Here are some examples of the best office plants you can treat your employees with.

Fantastic Florals

Oxalis are perennial flowers that will be a fun addition to your office! They have a shamrock appearance and you can even choose between classic dark green leaves or mysterious deep purple leaves for a splash of color for any office. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will do our best to make it happen! These office plants thrive inside because of low humidity but should also live near bright windows.

Sweet Succulents

Succulents are popular not only for their breathtaking varieties but also for their low maintenance needs. While many of these plants need bright natural sunlight, there are even those that do great with only artificial light—especially the ZZ Plant (Zamioculus zamifolia)! The ZZ Plant has wide, dark, and smooth leaves and grow to 3 feet at most. These qualities create beautiful indoor plant scapes without overcrowding. 

Fancy Foliage

Rex Begonias have one of the most interesting foliages among indoor plants. Choose between varieties of speckled, veined, or swirled patterns on asymmetric leaves. With proper treatment, they will even bloom during the summer. They need bright, indirect sunlight and a good amount of humidity, making them great for Louisiana offices! 

Pretty Palm Trees

When you’re looking for some plants with heights, palm trees are amazing indoor options. There’s a wide variety of palm trees both tall and small and skinny and wide. We’ll explore the best options for your space depending on the building’s air and lighting conditions. 

More Options For Your Office

There are many ways to make your office stand out with plants! Decorate with living art, wall plants, and hanging planters as well as traditional container planters and pots. When you request a proposal from us and discuss with our plant designers, you can let them know of your interest in these options. 

Keep your office looking fresh by switching up your plants throughout the year. You can sign-up for seasonal plants when you submit a proposal. You see, the more often we come in contact with our surroundings, the less we become aware of them. As time passes we may not even notice the plants at all. Use our seasonal rotation services as the best way to keep your office plants exciting!

Contact Billy Heroman’s For The Best Office Plants

Your employees spend a large part of their lives at work—in fact, the average employee spends one-third of their entire life working. By incorporating Billy Heroman’s Plants into your office environment, you can take one step closer to making your employees’ daily lives better. Begin today and request a proposal from us. Get inspiration regularly by following us on Twitter and Facebook. We can’t wait to start your new office’s plant-astic design!