When we look outside, we can see that plants are everywhere. You see them as you pass the neighborhood trees on your commute and in vines growing from your office’s fire escape. Though plants are plentiful, they require specific conditions in order to thrive. Furthermore, to keep plants green, they must receive consistent attention. Plant maintenance services in Hammond can help plants thrive.  Explore six plant maintenance services from the experts at Billy Heroman’s in Hammond to keep your plants at their best. 

1. Watering

Just like humans, plants need water to survive. However, as opposed to a plant, it’s a little easier to tell when a person is or isn’t thirsty. Furthermore, each plant has unique watering needs. 


Tending to a plant without understanding its needs can result in improper hydration, such as overwatering or underwatering. That’s why certified plant technicians use biological and environmental factors to ensure each plant gets the perfect amount of water. 

2. Fertilization

Just like water, each plant has a unique relationship to the soil it lives in. A healthy plant maintains a balance between nutrients in the air and the soil. Without proper training, this can often take considerable effort to balance. When looking for plant maintenance services in Hammond, ensure your provider tests your soil for adequate nourishment. 


3. Insect Control

Insects are naturally attracted to plants as they provide shelter and food. Unprotected plants can be vulnerable to uninvited pests. With this in mind, it’s essential to maintain proper insect control when bringing plants into your space. A licensed maintenance staff can protect your plants with insecticides to prevent or control any problems that may develop.


4. Disease Control

Plants get sick in ways similar to humans. Your greenery deals with its own variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can affect its well-being. 


Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell when your plant is under the weather. However, certified horticulturists know how to diagnose and treat plants so that they thrive long into the future. Additionally, they can skip the time-consuming process an inexperienced plant owner might struggle with trying to figure out problems and the proper treatment.


5. Cleaning

Though cleaning your plant may sound funny, it’s an essential part of keeping your greenery healthy. Dust can build up on your plants over time, blocking light absorption. Dust buildup is especially common for indoor plants, as they don’t benefit from environmental factors like wind or rain. Quality plant maintenance services in Hammond provide regular dusting and washing. That way, nothing can keep your plants from blooming!


6. Quality Control

Quality control is essential to keeping plants happy and healthy. When searching for plant maintenance services in Hammond, be sure to choose a plant caper with high standards for quality. The technicians at Billy Heroman’s specialize in maintaining and treating your plants in various conditions. Periodic visits from a quality plant maintenance team help plants thrive.


Billy Heroman’s Plant Maintenance Services in Hammond

With proper care, your plants can look beautiful year-round. Regular watering, cleaning, fertilization, and quality control are crucial to keeping your greens in bloom. To nourish your plants without affecting your schedule, we recommend choosing plant maintenance services in Hammond, like Billy Heroman’s.


Are you looking to elevate your plant maintenance? For well over fifty years, Billy Heroman’s has helped Louisiana plants grow strong and beautiful. Call 225-272-9051 or message us online today if you have any questions or inquiries.