Renting Plants Instead of Buying Them

There are plenty of great reasons to buy plants or to plant them yourself. However, most people do not realize that you can also rent plants for special occasions. For example: are you having a wedding and want to have palm trees on the property where none have ever grown? Want to see how some large potted trees outside your office would look for a few months? Try plant rentals instead of buying them outright.

Lafayette Plant Rentals

Lafayette has a unique environment and one that people need to pay attention to if they are looking to rent plants. The sort of heat and rain that Lafayette is accustomed to means that certain plants are better suited to the rental life than others.

The best thing an individual can do to get a better picture of the Lafayette plant rentals situation is to talk to a professional. They will be able to tell you which plants work best, which will thrive during the rainy season, and which to avoid.

Plant Rentals Are Affordable

Most people shy away from this option because they think Lafayette plant rentals will be too expensive for them. They believe that in order to have a bunch of plants delivered for their wedding, it is going to be prohibitively expensive. The truth is that this is a very affordable option when you come to Billy Heroman’s Plants.

The experts at Billy Heroman’s Plants have plant rentals down to a science. We understand how to make it a mutually beneficial situation for all parties involved. This is the result of years of working with this niche industry.

Lafayette’s Plant Rental Company

Billy Heroman’s Plants has been around for many years. It consists of a team of dedicated professionals who aim to provide a high quality service at an affordable rate. We have put together a professional staff of experienced individuals who want to help and know how.

We know plants. Let us show you how you could rent plants in Lafayette for your office, church, wedding, conference, or special event.

Billy Heroman’s Plants plant rental services in Lafayette are under-utilized and under-appreciated. If you need our help with renting plants in Lafayette, contact us at 225-272-9051.