As we continue to enjoy the golden tones of autumn, we must be mindful of the shrinking hours of daylight and how they may affect us. While this may feel overly precautious for some, taking countermeasures can make a positive difference in our lives. One of the best times to invest in plant rentals is during the darker months. So, before the golden days of autumn fade into the unforgettable days of winter, it would be wise to learn how great plant rentals can be. Learn three reasons why you should invest in plant rentals from places like Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping

1. Plants Help Productivity

Countless studies worldwide have shown how valuable plants can be when curating a space where productivity thrives. For example, this study from American Psychological Association has proven that the mere presence of plants has improved productivity by up to 15%. So, it would be hard to argue against how beneficial adding plants to your space is! This is especially true when you choose low-maintenance plants or use plant maintenance services to get all the benefits without all the work. 

2. Plant Rentals Help Combat the Blues During Fall and Winter

Did you know that 10 million Americans struggle with seasonal affective disorder as the northern hemisphere experiences the darker months? Well, it’s extremely common for the dark days of these seasons to influence your mental health. But worry not! The presence of plants has been shown to improve the impact of anxiety and depression. These little green friends understand how important sunlight can be and will help brighten your spirits. 

3. Brighten Your Space

With the entire world turning gray and bare as seasonal plants go into their dormant state until the spring, your environment loses lots of important color and cheer. Adding pops of color with plant rentals can boost your mood and the spirits of those around you. So chase those winter and autumn blues away! The family company of Billy Heroman has worked in the plant industry for generations. We have become highly familiar with how to select the best plants for the space you have. And, we have passed the knowledge of balancing light, watering, and more to our team to aid in their services to you. 

Browse our catalog to see our wide variety of low-level, medium-level, and high-level light selections to help you begin envisioning the possibilities for your space! In addition to our plant rental selections, we also offer plant care from our experienced plant maintenance teams. This way, you won’t have to worry about the delicate balance of care all plants need in the darker months. 

Call Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping For Plant Rentals 

If you want to bring more color into your home or business during the gray months ahead, Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping can help you gain the benefits of plant rentals from selection to care and more. Our company has generations of experience with plants that we have passed on to our highly skilled team of plant care experts. So don’t hesitate to call us at 225-272-9051 and discover how we can help you enhance your space. Please contact us at your nearest location or send us a message online. We hope to hear from you soon!