A professional office space is more than just a place you and your employees work. It is a place where you entertain clients, and spend a large portion of your lives.

It is important to make your office as inviting and pleasant as possible. This is where Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, Floral & Decorating can help. Located in Baton Rouge, LA, Billy Heroman’s  has the knowledge and experience to transform your office into a place that will improve employee morale, and have your clients talking. And when people talk, it entices others to visit.

Whether you run a small local office, or call a large, downtown office building home, Billy Heroman’s will add color, and a calming feel to your business.

When you decide to add professionally designed plants to your office, you will likely see a number of great benefits, including:

  • A great first impression that will impress potential clients and keep existing clients coming back.
  • Improvement in employee happiness and a reduction in stress levels around the workplace.
  • A great return-on-investment. Research has shown that plantscaping will benefit your company’s bottom line, with a 250% increase in return on every dollar spent.
  • Air quality improvement as the fresh greenery filters the air we breathe.
  • A warm environment that will help your office space to feel more like home.


At Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping, our professional team handle any size office space. While working with us, your business will be filled with high-impact, strategically placed plant designs that are carefully maintained and serviced to ensure that your space always looks its best.

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