Are you looking for that little extra something that spruces up your office space? Have you seen other offices that utilize plants to give a more natural look? Several offices have caught on to the popular trend of installing plants into the workplace. Office plants in New Orleans buildings are becoming more popular and for good reason. Not only do plants enhance the design and aesthetic of an office space, but they have proven to provide many other benefits as well! Keep reading to find out the different benefits office plants could provide to your New Orleans workspace.  

Increase in Productivity

Studies have shown that by simply adding one plant per square meter, memory retention improved and employee performance increased. People are a product of their environment, so if they are working 40 hours or more a week in a space that is filled with life, greenery, and vibrancy, employers will see a change in employee morale and productivity. Both the employer and employees will benefit from office plants!  

Reduction in Distractions

One of the greatest benefits of having office plants in your New Orleans office place is the reduction of distractions caused by office noise. Office plants quelch sound in an office, if strategically placed. A small indoor hedge has been found to reduce noise by 5 decibels. This is a good amount when considering the level of distraction that is caused by the tiniest amount of sound in the office. Plants are especially useful if your office space is structured to have a large number of cubicles within one open space.

Decrease in Physiological Stress

Not only have studies shown that office plants increase productivity, but they have also been linked to stress reduction. One study by Dr. Lohr of Washington State University that plants reduced stress by as much as 12%. This is a significant benefit by the simple act of installing office plants within the office. Who doesn’t want less stress?   

Various Office Plants Options in New Orleans

Whether your office has no natural light or is abundant with windows, Billy Heroman’s has the perfect office plant for your New Orleans workplace. The office plant varieties that thrive in spaces without natural light include the Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, Spider plants, Lemon Balm, and Philodendron.  If you are lucky to have a lot of natural light in your office, plants that typically go well in this environment include Grape Ivy, Alocasia, Agave, Succulents, and Aloe Vera. If you have questions about why certain plants take better to certain environments or want to know about a specific plant not listed above, we would love to answer your questions!

ReadyFor Office Plants in New Orleans?

As you can see, there are so many potential benefits to having a workspace with office plants in New Orleans workplace! If you’re looking to add a little greenery to your office space, contact the best, contact Billy Heroman’s Plants. Our expertise, passion, and dedication to customer service are unmatched. Call us at 225-272-9051 or get a free quote today!