Everyone wants to have a workplace that looks appealing, and incorporating office plants can help achieve this. You might be wondering why it is important to have plants in your office. Sure, they look nice. But they do more than just make your workspace look attractive. If you are looking to brighten up your office, let Billy Heroman’s get the job done for you with our helpful office plant service!

1. Plants Increase Productivity

Believe it or not, plants can actually increase your productivity while working. Employee productivity rates can increase by as much as 15% when their environment is filled with houseplants. Being surrounded by plants has been linked to improved memory retention and higher scores on basic tests, according to researcher Chris Knight. Choose expertly arranged interior plant design from our talented team to introduce mood-boosting, toxin-reducing, and productivity-enhancing benefits to your workspace.

2. Reducing Stress in the Workplace

A study was conducted in 2010 by the University of Technology, Sydney. Researchers found significant stress reduction when plants were in workers’ environments. In addition, it was also reported that there was a 37% fall in anxiety and a 58% drop in depression. Even the addition of just one plant in a workspace can lift the spirits of staff and give them a positive feeling while working. Color psychology also argues that the color green has a relaxing and calming effect on employees.

3. Make the Workplace More Attractive to Job Applicants

Psychology professor Sir Cary Cooper said that a third of people say that a workplace design affects their decision to join a company. If job applicants see an inviting and stimulating environment, they are more inclined to apply for a position. It is human nature for people to want to work in a space that feels comfortable to them. Let the team at Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping help you find the right office plant service to draw in prospective employees!

4. Plants Reduce Noise Levels

Plants are similar to insulation in the sense that they help absorb sound, except this is a more environmentally friendly way to reduce noise levels in an office. It is as simple as positioning large plants in the edges and corners of a room. A small change like this can have significant results in an office. As time goes on, these quiet spots in an office create a space for employees to use if they want a serene place to work or take a phone call. Consider creating an atrium as a relaxing oasis for employees and clientele!

5. Boosts Creativity

In 2015, Human Spaces reported that in offices that included natural elements, the employees scored 15% higher for creativity. It is easier for employees to feel inspired in a visually stimulating environment. The attention restoration theory says that when you look at nature, it can cause the brain to shift into a different processing mode. And while you focus on your creative thinking, let us handle your plant maintenance with our office watering plant service. We’ll make sure your office plants are happy and hydrated.

How to Setup an Office Plant Service

If you’re ready to set up an office plant service, then it’s time to call us! We want to help you create an appealing and productive workplace. As the largest florist in Louisiana, we are proud to serve in any way possible. We are a family-owned company and want to provide exquisite quality in our floral arrangements and plantscaping services

We care about our customers and want to make each and everyone feel special. Give us a call today at 225-272-9051 (7673) to learn more about options for your office space! You can also fill out a form to place an order if you already know what you want. Let us give you the beautiful workspace you deserve.