Tired of looking at an empty, colorless office space? Then it might be time to add a splash of colors with office plants! Adding interior plants to your office not only looks great but helps to clean the air and improves employee moods. But should you tackle it yourself or hire an office plant rental company? Find out the benefits of working with the professionals and how it can save you money.

The Benefits of Office Plant Rental

Renting plants for your office comes with a lot of benefits. When you choose the rental route, you get to choose your plants, containers, and placement. The biggest difference between DIY and renting is convenience and affordability. But doing it on your own also comes with major drawbacks that you just won’t have to deal with when you use a professional.

Choose The Plants You Want

Many people might think renting limits your options. The truth is, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you rent from a company like Billy Heroman’s Plants, you get a bigger selection than if you purchased on your own. Some companies may offer a limited selection, but not with Billy Heroman’s. You get to choose from our incredible list of options on plants and containers. 

Ongoing Plant Maintenance

Let’s face it, you’ve forgotten to water your plants a few times. You may have even killed a couple (or a dozen). Maintaining office plants requires time and effort. This is something many business owners don’t have. With Billy Heroman’s, you can say goodbye to worrying about plant maintenance. 

The Experts You Need for Your Plants

One of the most important parts of plant rentals is expertise. Our plant professionals are horticulturists and ALCA Certified Landscape Technicians. This means you get a team of trained professionals behind you to maintain your plants. Our pros help install your plants and provide ongoing maintenance as well. Because of this, you know your plants are taken care of.

Are Plant Rentals Affordable?

Renting office plants is actually much more affordable than you’d think. In fact, it’s usually much less expensive than buying them. Buying plants seem inexpensive at first, but it’s the addons that start to get costly. Once you throw in the cost of containers, watering systems, plant food, and ongoing maintenance, things start to get expensive. 

By choosing an office plant rental service, you get everything you need rolled into one price. You get to avoid the upfront costs associated with setting up a new plantscape and free up your time. The rental benefits don’t stop after setup as well. You also get the added benefit of ongoing maintenance. Meaning you don’t have to worry about watering those plants ever again!

What We Offer at Billy Heroman’s Plants

Billy Heroman’s Plants prides itself on offering quality plants at an affordable price. We work with you on every aspect of the office plant rental process to ensure you get a great deal. We help you choose the right plants and choose where to position them in your office. We want to make sure you get the look you want for your office at a reasonable price.

Our office plant rental service includes much more than just choosing plants:

  • Professional setup and arrangement.
  • Customized rental packages to suit your budget.
  • An almost unlimited variety of plants and containers to choose from.
  • The freshest plants and flowers to bring color to your office.

Interested in working with us? Contact Billy Heroman’s today to request a quote and let us help you transform your office!